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Day 19 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 19Weight: 179.6
AM Ketones: 2.0
AM Blood Glucose: 70
Hours of Sleep: 5:59
Energy Level: Excellent!
Physical Activity: None

Great to see my last ketone strip being put to good use.  A ketone level of 2.0 mmol is my 2nd highest level in all my AM measurements, and 3rd highest in my overall measurements.  Looks like the benefits of my Crossfit work out yesterday carried over to this morning, another sign that Crossfit is something I should continue.

Another new low in my fasting blood sugar measurement.… Read More

Ketosis and Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver

I was doing some searching on PubMed and came across an article describing the benefits of a ketogenic diet for patients with fatty liver and fibrosis.

They placed 5 patients with biopsy proven fatty liver on a ketogenic diet for 6 months and guess what… the mean weight loss was over 25 lbs.  At the end of the study, they did biopsies of the liver, and they found that there was overall improvement in inflammation, degree of fatty liver, and fibrosis.

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

This is probably due to removing the inflammatory influence that chronic carbohydrate ingestion has on the body and liver.… Read More

Day 18 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 18Weight: 179.4
AM Ketones: 1.2
PM Ketones:
AM Blood Glucose: 72
PM Blood Glucose:
Hours of Sleep: 7:56
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Crossfit

I didn’t measure my PM ketones for two reasons.

1. I don’t think it provides an accurate reflection as to what’s going on in my body since it’s taken so close to when I eat dinner.  And since I include coconut oil and other fats in my dinner, that can skew the measurement of ketones since the liver breaks down medium chain triglycerides immediately into ketones.… Read More

Day 17 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 17Weight: 179.6
AM Ketones: 1.0
PM Ketones: 2.3
AM Blood Glucose: 76
PM Blood Glucose: 80
Hours of Sleep: 6:07
Energy Level: Fair
Physical Activity: BJJ

Total Calories: 1962
% From Fat: 77% (167 gm)
% From Protein: 20% (97 gm)
% From Carbs: 7% (33gm)

My food log looks just like it did from yesterday!  That’s because I ate the exact same things as part of my experiment to see the effect exercise has on my ketone levels.

Well after BJJ at least in the PM, my ketones shot up.… Read More

What happens to my ketone levels after BJJ?

BJJMy BJJ class with David Boehme, was scheduled for the morning today, so I couldn’t eat breakfast at my normal time.  Since I didn’t want to throw up or start burping in Dave’s face during the class, I decided to just go without eating anything.

With my prior experience  I knew that since I’m ketoadapted (my AM ketones today were 1.0 mmol), I wouldn’t bonk out from hypoglycemia, so I felt pretty comfortable going in a fasted state.

We had good training with some reviewing of techniques, position specific drilling, and some light rolling.… Read More

David Boehme

Dave BoehmeThis is one of the instructors I’ve been working with, David Boehme, a brown belt who trained under Megaton.

He is a super nice guy and always willing to help.  It’s good to train with him because he knows when to go hard and go soft, so that I’m not always being smashed and can actually walk away learning something.

He’s also around my height and my size which also facilitates the learning process.

Today we reviewed escapes from mount and side control.  It’s been a while since I actually went over these so I was a little rusty.… Read More

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