Day 7 – Nutritional Ketosis

AM Ketones: 0.8
PM Ketones: 1.2
AM Blood Glucose: 78
PM Blood Glucose: 79
Hours of Sleep: 7:08
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: BJJ

Don’t have a scale where I am, so it may be a while before I can weight myself again.  Was a little relieved this morning to see that I was still in ketosis.

I think it’s important to remember that the numbers can be unreliable if measured too close to eating.

My plan is to maintain nutritional ketosis for at least 30 days and document the changes that occur.  Ideally it will help me in body recomposition.  But after 30 days I’d like to do a little more experimentation, with any ideas that I come up with here.  It’d be interesting to see if I eat something carb heavy, how fast it bumps me out of ketosis and how long it’d take me to get back in.

I tried something similar with blood sugars, measuring my sugars before eating something and then every 5-10 minutes afterwards to see how fast my sugars spiked, and how long the spike lasted.  I actually discovered some interesting things.  In one case I discovered that  the ‘sugar free’ iced tea at Zankou Chicken actually spiked my blood sugars.  Which lead me to conclude that they actually gave me ‘sugar-ed’ iced tea.  I also discovered that Quest bars, which were marketed to keep blood sugars stable, actually caused a 50% spike in the first 15 minutes).

My blood sugars have never been this good before.  I’ve read in a few places that an ideal situation is to have the blood sugars 80 or less (but above 60).  I’ll test my HbA1Cs (long term marker for blood sugars) in a few months to see how it looks.

Had an awesome day in BJJ today despite getting my ass kicked.  All I had before the class was my typical fat hot chocolate.  Normally when I do BJJ or some other intense activity without eating enough beforehand, I get hypoglycemic a few hours later and develop a headache and need to nap.  That didn’t happen today!  I maintained the same level of energy throughout the day.

I think I really am starting to benefit from the changes related to ketoadaptation and the shift from glucose to fat/ketones as the primary source of energy.

Interested to see how things go when I play basketball!

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