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Sound+Sleep SE Review

I snore.  And this is a problem for the BJJ Cavewife.  And what is a problem for the BJJ Cavewife becomes a problem for me.

Here’s how the cycle works.  I come home exhausted from a hard day of work and BJJ training and will inevitably be the first to fall asleep.  The BJJ Cavewife reads a little and slowly drift off to sleep.  I inevitably snore at the exact moment she falls asleep which snaps her back into wakefulness.  She pushes me to get me onto my side.  I stop snoring, but also wake up.  Eventually we both finally fall asleep and I roll onto my back and start snoring.  This wakes her up and she pushes or elbows or kicks me to get me back onto my side.  I stop snoring and wake up.… Read More

Review: Sleep Remedy – My Favorite Sleep Supplement

I’ve learned that the most significant factor depending on how I feel is how well I slept the night before.  I used to be in the camp that believed that the less sleep I needed, the tougher it made me.  This was the sort of culture that was cultivated in med school, internship, and residency.  The less you slept, the more time you had to study/work, the tougher you were.

We’re now learning how wrong this way of thinking is.  My first job out of training was a graveyard shift worker.… Read More

Adventures in Broccoli Sprouting: Review of the Easy Sprout

After listening to Rhonda Patrick’s masterclass on broccoli sprouts and then her followup interview with Dr. Fahey I was all-in on broccoli sprouts.  I couldn’t wait to start growing my own sprouts to get in on some of that NRF2 action.  I mean after learning about all of the potential benefits which include:

  • Increased excretion of toxins
  • Decreased cancer risk
  • Removal of carcinogens
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improved blood sugar control
  • Potential extension of life span (at least in beetles)
  • Protection against neurodegenerative disease

… it almost seems stupid NOT to eat broccoli sprouts.… Read More

Review: Peregrine Nutrition Keto Paleo Bar


I have a fondness for nutrition bars.  There’s just something about the convenience of them that draws me in despite the primal/paleo notion that it’s better for us to eat whole unprocessed foods.

The bar that I’ve been eating most regularly up to this point is the RxBar which I only learned about while doing the Whole 30 challenge.  These make for a convenient on-the-go breakfast or pre-training snack.

While RxBar offers many different flavors, the thing that bothered me the most was that each bar contained around 23 grams of carbs, which is quite a lot since I generally try to eat low carb.… Read More

Using the Breezing Metabolism Tracker to measure how many calories BJJ burns

After I picked up the Breezing Metabolism Tracker and fiddling around with it for a while, I was curious to see how BJJ affects my metabolic rate!

Here are links to my previous posts on the Breezing:

If you try to look up the calories in MyFitnesspal, Sparkpeople, or other generic sources, you get something in the range of 800-900 calories/hr.  I’m never sure whether or not to believe this.

While I’m not exactly sure where this table comes from, Tim Bruce has a table showing that:

  • Light Brazilian jiu jitsu burns 3.25 calories per hour per pound of body weight
  • Intense Brazilian jiu jitsu burns 4.87 cal/hr/lb

Who knew that shooting around a basketball burns the same amount of calories as intense weight lifting at 2.72 calories per hour,  while yoga only burns a measly 1.81 calories per hour.… Read More

Gut Shield: Followup uBiome After 30 Days

When Kiefer’s Gut Shield was first released I was initially skeptical given his previous stance on the microbiome, namely that if you become healthy, your gut flora will in turn become healthy.  If you are unhealthy, then your gut flora will be unhealthy.  Eating low carb and Carb Nite will make you healthier and in turn make your gut healthier.  

He didn’t think there was any need to do anything other than eating low carb and Carb Nite… and next he’s marketing a prebiotic and probiotic.

Despite my skepticism, since I really liked his work with Carb Nite and Carb Backloading I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and try this product out for myself.… Read More

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