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One of the BJJ Cavewife’s biggest problems is that she has a habit of not eating enough and at times out right skips meals.  Her mornings can get hectic and she’ll run out of time to prepare something for breakfast so she’ll just rush out of the house without eating anything leaving her famished until lunch rolls around.

This problem also presents itself when she goes to BJJ or Crossfit.  She’ll be time crunched and skip out on eating something before the workout and find herself light headed in the middle of a WOD or roll.  This typically resolves itself after a few minutes on the sidelines but is generally something we want to avoid.

I’ve tried various solutions including protein shakes, Epic Bars, Quest Bars, Lara Bars, and all sorts of other bars and she’s hated every single one.  They all tasted too artificial which completely repulsed her.

I didn’t mind the artificial taste so much and was much more concerned with the macronutrient ratios, but this left us without a good solution for her.  Well, the obvious solution would’ve been to wake up earlier so that she wasn’t as rushed and could do some meal prep… but she is NOT a morning person and the few times I tried to wake her up early did not end well.

We had given up on finding a convenient solution for her until we decided to join or Crossfit gym in a Whole 30 challenge.  I read the book, It Starts with Food, and a section in the appendix where they listed their “Whole 30 Approved Products” caught my eye:

I was surprised to see a recommendation for a protein bar in a book dedicated to eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods.

I showed the BJJ Cavewife this section in the book and asked if she’d be interested in trying it out and she gave me the typical eye-roll whenever I presented her with a new protein bar to try, but agreed to give it a shot.

We visited the RxBar site and were really intrigued at their simple ingredients, all listed on the front of each bar, never more than 4 different components.  A mix of egg whites, nuts, and dates, that’s it.  This is why it’s Whole 30 approved.

We were both amazed that this could be done.

I normally like to search for the best deal and order things in bulk, but this time I was more cautious and ordered the sampler pack so that we could try each of the different flavors.  In the event that the BJJ Cavewife hated these bars, like she has all of its predecessors, I wouldn’t be stuck with a box of 50 bars to eat.

A few days later the bars arrived and I nervously opened the Chocolate with Sea Salt and presented it to the missus for the first bite…

And to our surprise… she actually liked it!  Of all the bars she’s tried in the past, this was hands down the best and the only one that didn’t repulse her… AND she’d be willing to bring a couple with her to work for breakfast and pre-workout snacks.

I actually really enjoyed these too.  My favorite flavors are Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Mint Chocolate.  The BJJ Cavewife’s favorites are Chocolate Sea Salt, Chocolate Coconut, and Coffee Chocolate.

The nutritional Info for each bar is pretty similar:

Calories: 210
Total Fat: 9 gm
Total Carb: 23 gm
Dietary Fiber: 4 gm
Sugar: 15 gm
Protein: 12 gm

These are the perfect macros for the BJJ Cavewife since there are enough carbs for her workouts.  Also she’s extremely insulin sensitive so carbs have never been an issue for her.  I generally prefer my bars to be lower carb, but for the sake of simplicity in our pantry, I’m ok eating these too given my training volume.

Amazon sells a 7 bar sampler pack for $18.94 and a 12 bar sampler pack for $27.89

The RxBar website has a 12 bar sampler pack for $27.00

Here’s a coupon code to get $5 off your first order from which would bring down the price of the 12 bar sampler to $25.00 which is a pretty good deal.

And of course you can use the coupon code “whole30” to get 10% off your order, but it makes the most sense to use this for larger orders.

10% OFF with code: bjjcaveman

After we finished our sampler pack we liked them so much we went ahead and ordered the Best Seller Pack which comes with 30 bars for $65.10.  Needless to say we used the “whole30” code here to save 10% off this order paying a total of $66.59 (shipping was $8.00).

On Amazon the same pack goes for $65.57 plus tax in our state.

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