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Cholesterol Update September 2016



It’s been about 6 months since I last checked my cholesterol and I’ve had a few readers ask me how my numbers look.  Before I jump into what the results are I thought it might be helpful, especially to new readers, to detail a little bit about where I’ve come from, and what I’ve been doing in the mean time.

I’ve written quite extensively on my cholesterol history and some of the research I’ve done on the subject throughout my blog.  Here’s a link to everything I’ve written on cholesterol thus far.… Read More

The Whole30, Days 1-15



After learning about The Whole 30 from our Crossfit gym and reading It Starts with Food, the BJJ Cavewife and I were ready to begin.

To kick off the Whole 30, we were asked to state our commitment on the Facebook page.

Here is my statement:

“I am committing to the Whole 30. Exception is some white rice for post workout carbs.

I’m also going to be doing some metabolic measurements which I was planning on doing already, so this might go against the whole not taking measurements thing.”

Step 1 complete.… Read More

uBiome now 50% off until 10/31


uBiome recently released a discount code for 50% off of their kits valid through 10/31/16.

Earlier this year I decided to analyze my poop using uBiome.  At the time the tests were going for $89 a piece while a 3 pack was $199, so I went for the the three pack.

I wrote a brief post on the initial collection, Trying Out uBiome, don’t worry there aren’t any nasty pics.

A few weeks later I received my results, uBiome Results from April 2016, where I learned that my gut flora has a lot to be desired.… Read More

The Biggest Loser Revisited

Biggest Loser2


After reviewing the NY Times article, “After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight” things seemed pretty bleak for anyone who’s ever lost weight and wanted to keep it off.

We learned that many of the contestants regained a substantial amount of the weight they lost, and we learned that it was due to a combination of a few factors:

  • Their metabolism slowed down and did not recover even after 6 years
  • Their metabolisms were much slower than expected for their new size
  • Their hunger cravings worsened
  • Their hormonal milieu was all screwed up

This turned out to be one of the most popular NY Times articles EVER and spawned a couple of response articles.… Read More

The Biggest Loser… and Gainer

Biggest Loser 1

A few months ago the New York Times published an article discussing a study that examined the stuggles of “The Biggest Loser” contestants once they complete their stint on the show.  

Here’s the link to the full article: After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight

Their first example is Danny Cahill, the end of Season 8.  He began the season at 430 lbs and ended it at 191 lbs, for a loss of 239 lbs over the course of 7 months.

Here is his regimen as prescribed by the show went like this:


Read More

“The Secret to Running Forever”

Marathon, black silhouettes of runners on the sunset

The friend that likes to send me articles recently struck again, but thankfully it was a relatively short article from the New Yorker about how two runners have successfully stayed competitive at a world class level beyond the age of 40.

I don’t currently do much running except for the brief running warm up in BJJ or Crossfit, but in high school I was on the cross country team (I always came in last place) and I’ve run a couple marathons in the past (please don’t ask me about my times, they’re embarrassingly slow), so I can relate to a lot of the stumbling blocks runners encounter.… Read More

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