Carb Shock Notes from Kiefer’s Insulin Timing Tricks Webinar Part 2

Carb Shock BJJ Caveman A few days after the successful launch of Kiefer’s Carb Shock supplement, he held a live, online webinar on insulin timing tricks followed by a Q&A session.  In the webinar he discusses the optimal ways to use Carb Shock with either Carb Nite AND Carb Back-Loading, and provides a lot of clues as to what the upcoming Carb Back-Loading 2.0 will contain.

Here are the notes from the secret Q&A Body IO Podcast he released prior to the launch of Carb Shock and the notes from Part 1 of this series:

Carb Shock Q&A Notes from Kiefer’s Secret Body IO Podcast

Carb Shock Notes from Kiefer’s Insulin Timing Tricks Webinar Part 1

If you’re reading through this and want more information about Carb Nite and Carb Back-Loading, here are some helpful posts I’ve written on the subjects:

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Other Notes

If you’d like to read more about my own experiences with both Carb Nite and Carb Back-loading including the various blood tests I’ve had done you can go here for Carb Nite and here for Carb Back-loading. Because this session was almost 2 hrs long, I’m going to break it up into a few parts.

Carb Shock Notes from Kiefer’s Insulin Timing Tricks Webinar Part 2

What about women?

He was able to get quite a few women who were intense athletes who couldn’t carb back-load effectively because they have less muscle mass than men, and it is harder for women to deplete glycogen stores, and it makes it more difficult to gauge how many gm of carbs for women to eat. This made it difficult to do CBL with women easily. With Carb Shock, it’s a huge advantage, because women can get all the effects they need with the high insulin levels without having to worry about eating too many carbs or having carb spill over. It really is a huge advantage to women trying to use CBL or trying to make any type of performance gains. He’s been blown away by the results he’s seen with women.

Ultra-Low Carb Uses

Would apply to folks who are doing ketogenic diets or Carb Nite. He says Carb Nite could be rarely considered a cyclic ketogenic diet (I still don’t understand why he keeps saying this). This is where Carb Shock really shines, because it gives people who do Carb Nite a great advantage after they train. They train, wait an hour, and then take Carb Shock without adding any carbs. This gives the surge of insulin without the carb influx.

It’s important to experiment with this because it does cause a significant rise in insulin. The first time might make you feel a little odd. Don’t worry, you won’t go into a coma, you’ll be fine. But if you’re going to operating heavy machinery… like your car, it’s better not to experiment prior to doing these things. After the first time you should get acclimated. Recovery time will be shorter. It doesn’t matter what time you train, if you’re ultra low carb, take Carb Shock an hour after the training session without adding any carbs.

You get massive benefits from the insulin release. Even if you’re ketogenic, insulin helps to drive ketones into cells for energy usage. If you’re not training and you’re using Carb Nite for example for aesthetic purposes or health purposes, you can use Carb Shock on your Carb Nite when you’re ingesting carbs, especially that first ingestion of carbs, you get a big insulin spike and you can really get the metabolism kicking. In these scenarios you’re going to get a body temperature rise more quickly, because you’re forcing your energy to be thrown off as heat.

Clean Eating and Paleo

A lot of the foods that are very effective at spiking are unfortunately, what he calls ‘junk.’ They’re just a tool that he’s using in his tool-belt, but a lot of people don’t want to eat processed food or they’re allergic to those foods. Eating clean, with white potatoes and white rice, when used in conjunction with Carb Shock will provide a much larger insulin spike.

The spike isn’t as big as if you ate junk with Carb Shock, but it IS as big as you can achieve if you just ate junk. So you can eat clean with Carb Shock to achieve a big insulin response. This will help you achieve your goals better than with food only. Carb Shock can be considered ‘paleo’ which was not by design… but Kiefer will not put a ‘paleo’ sticker on the bottle.

Thyroid Optimization In a lot of scenarios, people don’t eat enough calories, or get stressed out and don’t eat as often, or their lifestyle is too busy, or they’re on an ultra low carb diet, and their thyroid levels might drop inappropriately during the week. The big insulin excursions can help to prevent that drop in thyroid hormone output and T3 levels. A popular paleo figure wrote about a post about the 7 things you should know about ketogenic diets, and blamed slow metabolism and thyroid problems on the ketogenic diets.

He failed to mention that you only need to eat carbs once a week to prevent that. The prevention of thyroid levels dropping is caused by the insulin response. This gives people the opportunity to people on Carb Nite, if they’re resistant to weight loss, or they’ve plateaued, it gives them an opportunity to have one or two carb meals on Carb Nite and still get the necessary response. To get a metabolic optimization out of Carb Shock, part of that is regulated by thyroid output.

Carb Shock – SOLD OUT Sold out in 3 hrs and 17 min Will take 6-8 weeks before there is more in stock. Waiting list on

T3 Fuel

Kiefer’s secret supplement. Supports metabolism at the cellular level Allows you to break fat loss plateaus Supports and fuels healthy thyroid function After a coming from a carb based diet, mitochondria become sick, and when that happens they can give an upward signal cascade that tells the body to down-regulate thyroid hormone, because if the thyroid hormones are kept too high, then the mitochondria are being asked to produce higher and higher levels of ATP, or to oxidize more and more nutrients.

When this happens and they’re already sick, it can make them more and more sick. They can get so sick that they can start to dysfunction, which turns on the oncogenes, which is a likely candidate for what triggers almost all cancerous reactions. When doctors just focus on the thyroid gland and thyroid gland output, they see that it’s lowered, and they will introduce either T3 or T4 supplementation, which actually forces the mitochondria to over oxidize fuel, which makes them more and more sick. Even though the thyroid hormone levels have been corrected, the mitochondria are actually getting sicker because we’re not helping them out.

Other thyroid supplements are just giving supporting minerals and nutrients to help produce more T3 and T4, unfortunately if the cells in the body are sick and not in an optimal metabolic state, they just refuse to let them work. The cells are just protecting themselves and the mitochondria don’t want to get more sick. This can also happen with excessive training especially in a ketogenic diet. This can be one of the signaling pathways that could lower thyroid hormone levels that are more difficult to bring back up to normal.

We see this in women who over exercise, because cells are becoming more sick. T3 Fuel is formulated to correct this. It gives supporting minerals and herbal extracts to help prevent the decrease in thyroid output when stressed. So we’re trying to keep the thyroid operating where it can while preventing it from lowering, and giving it the raw materials to produce more thyroid hormone if necessary.

At the same time he’s included clinically significant doses of resveratrol, not the cheap reverse resveratrol crap that does nothing. Resveratrol was included because it has been shown to by it’s action on the SIRT 1 pathway, to help with mitochondrial biogenesis, helps to increase the health of the cells, helps to make the mitochondria more healthy and more efficient again, so that the cells can say with their upward signaling cascade, “hey we’re healthy, things are going great, we’ve repaired ourselves, it’s ok to turn up thyroid hormone production again.” This formulation is designed to target both end points of the signaling cascade: targeting the mitochondria in the cell as well as the thyroid gland itself. There’s some great research coming out on resveratrol and it’s effect on thyroid hormone in humans. (Interestingly, he keeps saying Resvera-tol, when he means Resvera-TROL).

For the first time with this formulation there is a nonpharmaceutical that can increase thyroid hormone levels, which he is excited about. It’s a great adjunct to anything you do, and will allow Carb Shock to work more effectively if you have any metabolic abnormalities. To be continued…

Supplies of T3 fuel can be found at

If you’d like to pick up Carb Shock when it come back in stock, you can pick it up here.

If you’d like to pick up Carb Nite, you can pick it up here. and if you’d like to pick up Carb Back-Loading 1.0, you can pick it up here.

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  1. JJ says:

    Love your summaries Caveman – you always capture the same message I take away from the podcasts.

    Re the point about Kiefer repeating carb nite is rarely cyclic ketogenic, I think he is just trying to discourage people from focussing on ketone levels (the diet is cyclic ketogenic when I do it). Either that or he is getting mixed up with backloading but surely not 🙂

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