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Cold Thermogenesis in Antarctica

Polar plunge 1

One of the traditions for folks traveling to Antarctica is the ‘Polar Plunge’ in which you take a swim in the frigid waters.  That’s me on the left taking part in this tradition… and it only counts if you get your head all the way in the water, which I did.

The water was as cold as you imagine it can be… and it took me a good 15 minutes until I could feel my toes again.

I like this picture because it also shows you what a normal person is wearing.  The woman on the right is wearing what we all wore before stripping down into our swim trunks… thermal underwear, a layer of fleece, a layer of down, and then a waterproof thick jacket and pants on top of that along with gloves and beanies and two layers of wool socks.… Read More

Imbibing in the Southernmost Bar in the World – The Vernadsky Research Base


Enjoyed a shot of vodka with the BJJ Cavewife once we reached the southernmost bar on the planet!

This bar is located in the Vernadsky Research Base, a station that Ukraine purchased form the British for the sum of 1 pound located on the Antarctic peninsula.

While I mentioned previously that I rarely drink alcohol, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do so in this special place.  Apparently the vodka is made on-site… from what I don’t know…. and there are two ways to procure it.… Read More

Kayaking in Antarctica


One of the wonderful things the BJJ Cavewife and I did was go kayaking in Antarctica.  We had some amazing experiences out on the ocean… which as you can see was pretty cold.… Read More

What Have I Been Eating?

BJJ caveman PorkFor a few brief moments during my almost 3 week trip to Argentina and Antarctica I had the idea that I could still try to eat paleo/primal AND low carb while experiencing all the culture and different sorts of foods… this turned out to be a somewhat foolish idea which lasted all fo 5 seconds.

While I did manage to get some meals in that fit my ideal criteria, i.e. with the bar-b-que pork you see above, there was just too much good food to eat!… Read More

Setting Foot on Antarctica

2014-01-30 14.59.28

A little less than 2 weeks ago I was finally able to realize my dream of visiting Antarctica… and it was more than I imagined.  The beauty and splendor and majesty are indescribable.

The little dots you see in the distance to the left of my head are people.  The even littler dots you see in the distance to the right of my head are penguins.… Read More

Antarctica, The Reason I’ve Been MIA

2014-01-28 19.53.34

I haven’t been able to write new posts or respond to comments for the past few weeks because the BJJ Cavewife and I have been on a cruise to Antarctica, and the ship did not have any internet capability.

Now that we’ve returned back to civilization I can get back to posting and commenting.… Read More

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