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Review of The Living Legend: Marcelo Garcia by Stuart Cooper

Stuart Cooper Marcelo Garcia



Stuart Cooper recently released his 90 minute documentary on Marcelo Garcia sold exclusively on vimeo for the grand total of $4.

A little about Stuart Cooper

Stuart is a BJJ brown belt who’s currently making a name for himself traveling around the world and spending time training, filming, and interviewing a lot of big names in BJJ.  He used to be a wedding videographer and slowly transitioned into filming BJJ which is his true passion.  This past June, he decided to hold an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to collect donations in order to help in achieve his dream of filming BJJ documentaries full time.… Read More

Marcelo Garcia’s New Academy – Part 2

MG Part 2a Just got back from another great day of training in Marcelo Garcia’s new academy.  There were fewer people this time around.  I overheard some people saying that on opening night when I went, there were 70 people on the mats!  That’s pretty crazy.

Today I’d estimate about 40 students on the mats.  We started the class with a warmup session that includes running around the periphery of the mats with variations that include, skipping, jumping jacks, side to side, and running backwards.

One of my favorite parts of the warmup is when they incorporate an obstacle course that includes everyone at once, where you get to play the part of the obstacle and then of the person running through the obstacle.… Read More

Marcelo Garcia

MG 3

Today was a very special day for me.  I got to train in Marcelo Garcia’s brand spanking new permanent academy on the first night they opened!  I was so lucky that their new academy opened during the week that I’m here in NYC.

Having the opportunity to train with the best BJJ practitioner in the world is my favorite reason for visiting NYC.  Food?  Meh.  Shopping?  Meh.  Clubbing?  Meh.  Training with Marcelo Garcia?  OMG OMG OMFG!!!!!  I’ve told people before who questioned my school-girl-like obsession with MG that having the opportunity to train with him would be like having the opportunity to shoot hoops with Michael Jordan at the peak of his powers.… Read More

Visiting ROMA BJJ on the Big Island of Hawaii

While coming face to face with molten lava was the primary reason for visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, since I had some free time I made sure to check out one of the local Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms.

I’m lucky that in this day and age, BJJ is so popular that you can find a gym in every major city and Hilo, Hawaii is no exception.

While Hilo only has a population of 43,000 and has a small town feel, it’s considered one of the bigger cities on the big island.… Read More

How I Got Burned By Crowdfunding… TWICE!

I remember when the idea of crowdfunding first became popular.  I’d browse the pages of Kickstarter and Indiegogo and marvel at the amazing products people were developing, but was always hesitant about taking the plunge because I was never sure any of the products would actually make it into existence… until these two times.

Cautionary Tale #1 – AVAcore RTX Glove

I first heard of this technology in 2012 when I read this article on Gizmodo.  I knew that athletes used ice and ice baths and cryotherapy to aid in recovery, so the idea that similar results could be achieved in something as portable as a glove was mind blowing.… Read More

How to Eat Like the Rock

the rock1

A good friend of mine sent me this FiveThirtyEight article about what happened to an average Joe, Mark Webster, who tried to eat like the Rock for a month.  He works at a desk all day (like yours truly) and was inspired after reading an article.

I’ve been a peripheral fan of the Rock ever since my college days, but was never a die hard fanboy (like I am with Marcelo) so I’d never taken it upon myself to do any outside reading on him.… Read More

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