Carb Nite Redux: Week 2

Carb Night Redux Week 2


These are the logs from the second week of my latest attempt with Carb Nite.



What I’ve been tracking:

  • Weight
  • Abdominal Circumference
  • AM Blood Ketones
  • AM Blood Glucose
  • PM Blood Ketones
  • PM Blood Ketones
  • Food eaten

Supplements and Tools

You can read about all of my favorite tools and primary supplement stack on my favorite tools page.

List of the supplements I’ve added to my current regimen.

Thorne FX Amino ComplexEXOS Fuel Amino Complex - This is a blend of amino acids high in branched chain amino acids. I planned to take this post-workout. I reasoned that since my body wouldn't need to digest these further (since amino acids are the basic components of proteins), these would be absorbed rapidly and could be used to build muscle and speed recovery after a work out. I was also reassured since this is something Ben Greenfield uses and stands by.
Thorne FX Multi AM:PM ComplexEXOS Fuel Multivitamin Elite - This is a new multivitamin that I wanted to try because I also heard great things about this from Ben Greenfield. He's had a couple of podcasts where he talks about this and gives rave reviews. One reason I like it is that on top of the full spectrum of vitamins it contains, it also includes the EXOS Curcumin Phytosome in the AM pills and the EXOS Relora in the PM pills (you can read more about my thoughts on Relora here). The main drawback of this that I've found so far is the sheer number of pills... 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening.
T3FuelT3 Fuel - This is part of Kiefer's line of supplements along with Carb Shock. I figured that since I've had thyroid issues in the past and have a persistently elevated Reverse T3, I'd give this a shot and see how it goes. It's a blend of Potassium Iodide, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Sulfate, Selenium as L-Selenomethionine, Watermelon fruit extract, Resveratrol, L-Tyrosine, and L-Carnitine.
SerrapeptaseDoctor's Best Serrapeptase - This is an enzyme derived from silk worms that is used to breakdown non-living tissue in the body, like scar tissue. People have reported success in breaking down adhesions and scars in their bodies with this, so I was curious to see if this would help with some of the micro-adhesions that can develop and cause stiffness in my muscles after my workouts.

I’m continuing to track everything I’m eating on  Feel free to add me as a friend if you want to see exactly what I ate.

Week 2


Weight: 196.6 lbs
Abdominal Circumference: 35.75 in
Carbs: 224 gm
Fat: 91 gm
Protein: 64 gm
Calories: 1987
AM Blood Glucose: 95
AM Blood Ketones: 0.4
PM Blood Glucose: 102
PM Blood Ketones: 0.3
Exercise: Backsquat 255 lbs 5×5, Deadlift 215 lbs 5×5, Overhead press 110 lbs 4×5 and 1×4, Barbell row 155 lbs 5×5, Benchpress 215 lbs 2×5 and 1×4


Kind of did a reverse Carb Nite… what I mean is I ate my carb meal and then worked out 2 hours afterwards. While not optimal, it’s just how the scheduling worked out. Had a great workout except for the fact that whenever I did deadlifts or barbell rows and generated a good amount of intraabdominal pressure, I gave myself some reflux. PM BG 102 and PM BK 0.3. I’m a little surprised that the evening ketones weren’t lower! Ketonix standard turned green indicating decreased acetone production and Ketonix Sport showing Yellow x 5, whereas this morning it was Yellow x 7.


Weight: 196.4 lbs
Abdominal Circumference: 35.75 in
Carbs: 53 gm
Fat: 158 gm
Protein: 68 gm
Calories: 1868
AM Blood Glucose: 102
AM Blood Ketones: 0.4
PM Blood Glucose: 114
PM Blood Ketones: 0.5
Exercise: Absolutely nothing.  Went on a long road trip and sat in the car all freakin day.


No weight gain from Carb Nite, I guess that’s to be expected since my caloric load didn’t increase. Blood sugar still over 100, so that must mean I am still processing some of the carbs I ate last night. In the AM, Ketonix sport is Green x 6 and Ketonix Standard is Green, confirming the lag from my dropping ketone production after my Carb Nite. Went on road trip, forgot Doxy at home! Was only able to complete 10 days of doxy. PM Ketonix Sport Yellow x 6 and Ketonix Yellow. Had a piece of chocolate right before test, probably is what accounts for blood sugar. Surprised that ketones already back to 0.5, 1 day after Carb Nite. Also ate McDonalds chicken nuggets today… not a proud moment and defintely not as good as I remembered in my.


Abdominal Circumference:
Carbs: 49 gm
Fat: 61 gm
Protein: 127 gm
Calories: 1271
AM Blood Glucose: 97
AM Blood Ketones: 0.5
PM Blood Glucose: 106
PM Blood Ketones: 0.3
Exercise: Light body weight workout


AM KSp Yellow x 9, KS Yellow. Food record not very accurate today since we ate out both meals. Korean BBQ in the morning, not sure how much sugar was in the marinade that was used, and hard to estimate total amount of meat. Teriyaki chicken in the evening, dunno how much sugar in the teriyaki sauce. But must’ve been too much protein and not enough fat, and/or too much sugar in the sauce because my ketones came down in the evening. This was reflected in the Ketonix Sport going down to Yellow x 2 and Ketonix going down to green.


Abdominal Circumference:
Carbs: 58 gm
Fat: 114 gm
Protein: 104 gm
Calories: 1165
AM Blood Glucose: 92
AM Blood Ketones: 0.8
PM Blood Glucose: 98
PM Blood Ketones: 0.5
Exercise: Light walking


AM KSp Yellow x 1, KS Yellow. Bit of a lag with the ketonix. Reasonable correlation with Ketonix which went from green last night to yellow now. Ketonix Sport went slightly down to Yellow x 1. PM Ketonix SP Yellow x 2 and PM Ketonix Green. Macro and calorie counts going to be way off since both I ate out at both meals.


Abdominal Circumference:
Carbs: 342 gm
Fat: 175 gm
Protein: 121 gm
Calories: 3460
AM Blood Glucose: 97
AM Blood Ketones: 0.6
PM Blood Glucose: 97
PM Blood Ketones: 0.3
Exercise: Light walking


AM KSp Yellow x 9, KS Yellow. Looks like slowly climbing back into ketosis. Didn’t get a chance to workout that much so far this week and I think that’s impacting my ketones although my overall caloric intake is down. Unfortunately I didn’t pack my measuring tape on this trip so I can’t get measurements. Will have a Carb Nite today too because it is a special occasion. This will mean a longer period of time until the next one. The encouraging thing is that I was able to get back into ketosis pretty quickly after the Carb Nite… albeit lower levels of it. PM KSp Green x 7, KS Green. Looks like the ketonix matched my monster carb intake! Monster carb nite today…


Abdominal Circumference:
Carbs: 43 gm
Fat: 179 gm
Protein: 97 gm
Calories: 2191
AM Blood Glucose: 97
AM Blood Ketones: 0.2
PM Blood Glucose:
PM Blood Ketones:
Exercise: Backsquat 255 lbs 5×5, Deadlift 215 lbs 5×5, Overhead press 110 lbs 4×5 and 1×4, Barbell row 155 lbs 5×5, Benchpress 215 lbs 3×5


AM KSp Green x 6, KS Green. Got caught up watching BBC Sherlock Holmes and completely forgot to take evening measurements! Workout felt great today, probably because it was on the day following a Carb Nite and my glycogen stores were topped off.


Weight: 197.4 lbs
Abdominal Circumference: 35.75 in
Carbs: 42 gm
Fat: 144 gm
Protein: 111 gm
Calories: 1935
AM Blood Glucose: 102
AM Blood Ketones: 0.2
PM Blood Glucose: 101
PM Blood Ketones: 0.6
Exercise: Walked 2 miles on treadmill.


Have to admit I’m a little surprised by my morning blood measurements. Thought they would at least go up a bit since I had such a great workout and ate so much fat last night. Perhaps it was because I had a big cortisol spike today from lack of sleep… Thanks BBC Sherlock! KSp Yellow x 7, KS Yellow.. .but the Ketonix tells a different story. We’ll see what the evening brings. Back in business now with PM Blood Ketone of 0.6, although not sure what the deal is with the blood sugar. KSp Yellow x 7 and KS Yellow.


Average intake of:

  • Carbs: 115.9 gm
  • Fat: 131.7 gm
  • Protein: 98.9 gm

Average caloric intake of: 1982.4

All in all, at the end of the week I actually GAINED weight: a grand total of 0.8 lbs up to 197.4 lbs.  I don’t like the fact that my weight is creeping up despite all the tracking I’m doing and that I had a caloric deficit.  I mean an average of 1982.4 calories is actually low for someone like me who’s somewhat active and weighs as much as I do.

This is probably affected by the fact that I had two major Carb Nites in the week.  I guess my body really IS carb sensitive!

The saving grace is that my abdominal circumference hasn’t changed throughout all this, so the weight gain is probably due to water retention or normal variance.

21 Responses to Carb Nite Redux: Week 2

  1. Hemming says:

    I can’t understand how you can eat that few calories. Have you ever thought of increasing your calories and see what happens? In my own experience, I feel and look better after increasing my calories, probably because I can get more quality exercise done.

    And 0.8 lbs I would say is within normal fluctuations.

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      Ya, definitely within normal fluctuations… but still something I wanted to take note.

      I’m pretty much eating until satiation. My problem is that satiation for me is a BIG range. I can be satiated at 1900 calories. I can also be satiated at 3500-4000 calories.

      And when I eat more calories my weight tends… to go up!

      It seems like our metabolisms are complete opposites. You have a hard time putting on weight… and I have a hard time losing it. The universe is funny like that it seems.

      • Hemming says:

        Yeah, we definitely seem to function in different ways 🙂 I might not go as high on calories but I could certainly not eat 2000kcal on a normal day and not feel hungry.

  2. Sascha says:

    I feel dumb asking this because i am so impressed by all the work you do, but why in the heck have you been under the 30g limit only once in these 2 weeks????

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      It’s a very astute observation and I ‘m really glad you asked that. In fact I was wondering if someone was going to bring it up. So it’s not a dumb question. Here’s the explanation. I’m very strict with counting every single carb that goes in my mouth including veggies, the carbs in heavy cream, the carbs in eggs, etc..

      So here are some examples

      10/28 – I ate a total of 10 tbsp of heavy cream which contains a total of 10 gm of carbs. Then I ate 1 cup of broccoli which has 6 gm of carbs. The 3 eggs, whihc have 3 gm of carbs. This is a total of 19 gm of carbs right? But for Carb Nite and keto purposes, these dont’ count at all, since it doesn’t raise glucose or insulin.

      Here’s another example

      6 tbsp heavy cream (6gm carb). 1 tbsp athletic greens (5 gm carb). 1 cup broccoli (4 gm carb). 2 eggs (2 gm carbs). 6 slices bacon (3 gm carb). Chipotle fajita bowl with just meat, veggies, guac, sour cream, cheese and salsa (20 gm carbs). 2 tbsp protein powder (2 gm carbs)

      This is a total of 42 gm of carbs. None of which should elevate blood sugar or stimulate insulin release.

      The other days in the week though I ate some bad stuff which lead to higher blood sugars and carb totals.

      Hope this helps!

      Please never feel dumb for asking questions. I’m sure a lot of people are wondering the same thing.

      We’re all trying to learn here… me most of all!

      • Sascha says:

        Except for the green veggies why would they not count? I am as strict as you. I count everything and stay below 20g! In fact I stay below 15g because I need 5g left for my camu camu powder (vitamin c).

        • Sascha says:

          And because I’m not sure about the veggies – no veggies for me.

        • BJJ Caveman says:

          Looks like you’re doing a much better job than me!!

          On days when I’m in the low 40 gms.. I’m not sure where else I can cut carbs. Less bacon? Less cream? Fewer eggs?

          I do like my veggies here and there… but they do increase the carb count… even the leafy greens.

          In any case, with this level of carbs, I haven’t found that it screws up my ketones too much, so I’m ok with it.

          How are your results so far?

          • Sascha says:

            My results so far are fantastic.
            I stumbled across Kiefer 8 weeks ago.
            Before that i did the exact opposite, tons of cardio and a raw egg-yolk + fruit diet.
            The day after i read CBL i dropped everything, which was a really big thing for me.
            Not only did i loose body-fat and gain muscle, i also feel better and stronger then ever before.

            My diet is very simple.
            Until the evening i have alot of “bullshit-coffee” (with MCT / coconut-oil / HWC / Butter) and just a little bit of sausage / meat / cheese. So basically i eat 80% fat almost the whole day.
            Every evening i work out and after that i get my protein which is some form of meat with cheese / HWC and usually a small onion or just eggs (mostly yolks because i love them from my previous fruit/yolk diet) with HWC / cheese.

            Because i was afraid of gluconeogenesis i was even limiting protein but bigTex told me to raise it and lower fat and that’s what i currently switch to.

            5 days ago i got my ketonix sport and so far it has always been in the red.

          • Hemming says:

            Sounds like you’re nailing it – getting red on the Ketonix is no easy task 🙂 Do you mind sharing your macros, weight/height and training regime?

          • BJJ Caveman says:

            Nice! Any interest in writing a guest post here about your experience?

          • Sascha Heid says:

            Sorry for the late reply, i had alot of stress at work.
            My macros are in a state of change.
            I tried to increase protein to get to 1:1 (in grams) with fat, but it did not really work. Got very hungry.
            I have a pretty high amount of calories i think (2500-3000).
            I have a log at “Schmolch’s log”.

            Thank you but im just a noob. I need to jump to see my abs, so i still have a long way to go 🙂

  3. NRC says:

    When I was counting calories/macros, I was subtracting fiber from total carbs to arrive at a net carbs total and it’s that number that I was shooting to get at or below 30 g/day during induction and non-carbnite/backloading days. If I give CarbNite or Carb Backloading another shot, should I reevaluate this notion of “net carbs”?

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      I don’t know…. I still think the 30 gm of carbs shouldn’t include fiber and what not from veggies.

      I mean, you can eat as much kale and spinach as you want and still be in ketosis…even though the carb count is higher.

      You can always check your ketones and blood sugars to make sure…

      • Hemming says:

        I agree with you. I simply can’t be bothered counting non-starchy vegetables. I’ve found that I’m ketosis all day even though I eat 1-2lbs of vegetables.

        • NRC says:

          Good. Because, notwithstanding Kiefer’s “vegetables are just vessel’s for butter” thoughts, I tend t think nutrition plans where you can’t or have to strictly limit veggies starts sliding down the scale toward the extreme.

          • BJJ Caveman says:

            Yeah, have to agree with you there. I think there’s definitely more benefit to veggies than Kiefer says. That’s one area where I need to disagree with him.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey BJJ,

    My name is Mark, been off and on kiefer diets for the past 6-9 mths, and its gone pretty well for me. Started out at 275, and whittled myself down to about 255 using bulletproof before jumping on board with Carb Night. Went pretty strict for about 3 months and got all they way down to 210, before hitting a wall pretty hard with a Trip to Honduras. But to be honest the 210 wasn’t really a “healthy” weight for me (I was in a weight loss competition, so I was pulling all the tricks at the end of it.) All in all I’ve been on a combination of nothing… CBL… and CNS for the past few months and have fattened back up to around 235 (with some muscle gains, hit a bunch of PR’s while on CBL, but most gains were around the waist.) Planning on getting back on a strict CBL in the new year.

    Anyways, I found your blog recently, and I have appreciated all the tracking data, especially all the notes from the Carbshock podcast. I will definitely be following your CNS log. I wanted to comment because you weren’t having much luck with the weight loss over the past couple of weeks. I wanted to make note that my weight didn’t budge for the whole first month while on CNS. So, keep up the high spirits, it will come off. Good luck!

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      Wow. A change from 275-235 is huge!

      Thanks for the encouragement. Definitely needed especially during the holidays.

      I’d love to hear more about your experience and what things you’ve found worked and didn’t work for you.

  5. Mike says:

    Could you please tell me how you use T3 Fuel.

    The directions say to take two capsules per day. My questions are: Do you take them both at the same time or one about 12 hours apart? Empty stomach or with a meal? Is a certain time of the day better than others? I tried emailing Keifer with these questions but never got a response.

    For those who have taken Thyroid Medications in the past they are somewhat particular on how they are administered…usually upon arising…empty stomach etc.

    Just want to get the most bang for my buck by using the supplement correctly.

    Also, what has your experience been using T3.



    • BJJ Caveman says:

      I generally take it in the morning on an empty stomach. If I forget… then I take it whenever I can later in the day, with food, without food, whatever. As long as I get it in.

      I’m not sure which way works better.

      I can say right now that I haven’t really felt a difference… although there has been an improvement in my labs… BUT I also put on some weight too… so go figure.

      I plan on writing a more extensive post about this.

      I’m currently on my third bottle of the stuff…

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