Minor Setback

2014-01-03 00.17.04Prior to leaving for Italy, I suffered a minor setback by fracturing my left index finger while training in BJJ.  It was just a freak accident.  We weren’t going hard.  We weren’t uncontrolled.  I just planted my hand, shifted my weight, and felt a ‘pop’ in my hand.

Since I was still able to flex it, I simply taped it up and continued to train.  I knew something was wrong when my hand didn’t have any strength and I couldn’t grip anything with vigor.  I thought, at worst it was just a sprained ligament or strained tendon, but later on in the day it swelled up massively and I couldn’t move it at all.

When I saw the hand surgeon I learned that on the bright side, surgery wasn’t needed, but this would require 6 weeks to heal… meaning a hiatus from BJJ and Crossfit.

In my picture at the Tower of Pisa, you can actually see the brace I’m using.

At the time of this writing, I’m 3 weeks in with 3 weeks to go.

The swelling has gone down and I have improved range of motion, though only aobut 50% of normal, and it still gets exquisitely tender when I accidentaly touch it the wrong way.

No BJJ thus far… but I have been able to go to the weight room.  I can back squat, bench press, and row normally.  In order to deadlift I simply have to use a reverse grip with my left hand.

Thus I can do a full body work out despite this injury which makes me happy.

For BJJ I guess it will just be dvds and youtubes for now to keep my mind active.

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