Cyclic Ketogenic Diet and Vitamin D Levels

Day 40cAt the end of my Carb Night Solution experiment, which is a type of cyclic ketogenic diet, right before we went to Italy, I obtained a panel of labs which I plan doing a series of posts about.

My Vitamin D levels are what I’d like to talk about first, but before we get into my results, here is a little background.

Basics of Vitamin D

  • It is a hormone derived from cholesterol
  • It can be made in the skin with exposure to sunlight
  • It can also be ingested with food or supplementation

Effects of Vitamin D

Optimal Range of Vitamin D Levels

  • Most sources I’ve come across recommend 50 – 70 ng/mL

My Vitamin D Levels

31.3 ng/mL (Normal range provided by the lab 30.0 – 100.0 ng/mL)

While my levels qualify as being ‘normal,’ as you can see I’m definitely not in the optimal range of 50 -70 ng/mL.  I can attribute this to a couple of factors.  Firstly, I work as a desk jockey and spend the majority of my day indoors in front of a computer.  Also since I work the graveyard shift I very rarely get to go outside.

Secondly since I spend much of my time in the mid-west, if I do go outside I probably wouldn’t be getting much sun since it’s so cloudy throughout the fall and winter seasons… especially now, when the weather is in the 20s-40s, every inch of my body is pretty much covered.

Thirdly, I’ve been pretty lax in terms of my supplementation regimen.  The main sources for my supplemental Vitamin D come from:

Since I’m largely at the mercy of the weather and can’t really do much sun bathing now, I think the best course of action for me is to:

  • Be more rigorous with my supplementation with a goal of taking 4,000 – 10,000 IU of Vitamin D per day.
  • Recheck my labs in 2-3 months.


Deconstructing Vitamin D

Vitamin D: Sun Exposure, Supplementation and Doses

Vitamin D: Confounding Factors

Vitamin D: Loose Ends

Testing for vitamin D

One Response to Cyclic Ketogenic Diet and Vitamin D Levels

  1. mike says:

    Vitamin D deficiency is basically an undetected epidemic. My father has ZERO D. My D has also fallen to below 20. I have been supplementing with 5000 iu every other day or so. Always with a meal, usually in the morning. I have not followed up to see where I am at or if I am absorbing it.

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