Day 25 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 25Weight: 184.0
AM Ketones: 0.3
AM Blood Glucose: 89
Hours of Sleep: 6:38
Energy Level: Good!
Physical Activity: BJJ

As I suspected from last night, given my falling off the wagon during my trip to NYC, I was definitely out of the nutritional ketosis range of my blood ketones.

To further support this was the fact that my fasting blood sugar, while in the normal range, is still higher than the 70-80s it stayed stable at when I am in ketosis.

After my BJJ workout today, I felt the typical bonk I normally get when I’m hypoglycemic, manifested with an irresistible urge to nap and a throbbing headache.  Hopefully I was able to work through enough of the glycogen and carbs in my system to get prep my body for ketosis.

I was diligent in tracking my food and was able to track the macronutrient profile of everything I ate:

Day 25 bSo as you can see, the carbs were a little higher than I would have liked.  Volek and Phinney recommend less than 50 gm, with some people even needing less than 30 gm.  My downfall today was the chili I added to my hot dogs!  I didn’t realize that 1 cup of chili contains around 30gm of carbs!  I guess it’s all from the beans.  I’m actually glad I took the time to track my diet since I don’t think I would have learned this otherwise.

Another good thing to report today is that despite consuming a caloric deficit, for my height, weight, and estimated body composition, my BMR is in the range of 2400-2600 calories), I didn’t experience the increased appetite I felt before.  This will be an interesting thing to track.

I guestimate tomorrow’s AM ketone reading to be around 0.4 and would be thrilled with anything better.

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