A Day in the Life of My Ketones – Part 2

A Day in the Life of My Ketones - Part 2

Part 2 of my day in the life experiments (here is part 1).  This was a much shorter experiment, and looking back I think I was mainly interested in seeing how a bulletproof coffee (upgraded coffee + grassfed butter + Upgraded MCT oil) would effect my ketones.  At least in this case, it looks like it will raise them by 0.1 – 0.2 mmol in the 1-2 hrs immediately after ingestion.

Can I exclude normal ketone variation from this?  Nope, but I imagine the more I test it, preferably at various times of days, the more the answer will become clear…  but at this point I’m not sure this is something worth testing.  I was just curious and at this point… my curiosity is satisfied.… Read More

A Day in the Life of My Ketones – Part 1

A day in the life 1

When I first received my ketonix acetone breathalyzer, one of the experiments I tried to run was to see how it changed along with my ketones over the course of a typical day.  I decided to document everything I did along with the specific times, so that when I tested my ketones, it would give me a clearer picture of how certain actions affected my ketones.

I was hoping that the ketonix acetone breathalyzer would be able to give me the same level of moment by moment detail that blood ketone testing would give me, but alas, as we saw in my final review, it didn’t.  Even here, we get a sense of the lack of correlation with blood ketones since the ketonix registered as ‘high’ for such a wide range of values.… Read More

Vitamin D: The Natural Way

Natural Vitamin D

Finally had a chance to make it to the beach to get some Vitamin D the natural way….  Hopefully this will help me get my levels up!  I did my best to not wear sunblock in order to maximize sun exposure… however I did keep my cap on the entire time since I have a tendency to burn on my nose.

Always a good time when you can spend a day at the beach to do some leisure reading.  Unfortunately I couldn’t go in for a swim because there was a swim advisory… may have had to due with bacterial overgrowth or something since there was a recent rain.… Read More

Upgraded MCT Oil vs Upgraded Brain Octane

Upgraded MCT vs Upgraded Brain Octane

Upgraded MCT Oil vs Upgraded Brain Octane

If you want to read a little more about why I’m even addressing this question, you can check out my rough draft version of this post here.  Essentially it’s this:

  • Upgraded MCT Oil is marketed as being more beneficial for stimulating metabolism while somewhat helping with brain function and is 100% Capric-Caprylic acid (says so right on the front of the bottle, I will explain what these are later).

Upgraded MCT

  • Upgraded Brain Octane is marketed as being primarily for improving brain function.  The main difference from MCT Oil being that this is 100% C-8 (says so right on the front of the bottle, I will explain what C-8 is later).
  • Read More

The Benefits of Incremental Carb Introduction

SarahAbsThis is a post written by Sarah Strange, one of the  trainers at Robb Wolf’s Norcal Strength and Conditioning gym detailing her initial love affair with going low carb and then the subsequent struggles she encountered after going low carb for too long.  She even had some unsuccessful trials with Carb Nite and Carb-Backloading which didn’t seem to help her.

The thing that finally worked for her was:

So what am I trying to say with all this? I’m saying that for any of you out there struggling to reintroduce carbs and continually hitting the wall, that carefully measured, small incremental increases a week might just set you free.

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Random Links

BJJ CAVEMAN Domain logo (hi res)Random Links

Guess who else is playing with the Ketonix?

Interesting idea suggesting LDL is elevated because of a deficiency in tryptophan… although I don’t think this applies to me because I definitely get enough tryptophan in my diet with all the meat and eggs that I consume.

I really like the idea that Peter Attia also seems to have an inner fat kid in him that likes him some dessert… and now has incorporated his own cheat days… albeit only 4 times a year… but still.… Read More

Upgraded MCT Oil vs Upgraded Brain Octane – Rough Draft

Upgraded MCT vs Upgraded Brain Octane


I’ve recently been using both Upgraded MCT and Upgraded Brain Octane and was wondering what the actual difference was between them.  Upgraded MCT is marketed as being better for stimulating the metabolism while Upgrade Brain Octane is marketed as being better for stimulating the brain.  As I was thinking about this, given the little that I know about biochemistry, it didn’t quite make sense to me, so I did what any self respecting n=1 blogger would do… I went to the forums and posed the following question:

I was wondering what is the difference in metabolism between the two, and why Upgraded Brain Octane works more for the brain while upgraded MCT is more for metabolism and brain.

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Ketonix Update From Manufacturer

Ketonix website

Ketonix Update From Manufacturer

There is now a new support page on the ketonix.com site addressing factors that can affect the differing initialization times, occasional inconsistent readings, optimal way to exhale into it, and lack of correlation with blood beta hydroxybutyrate levels.

Here is one of his suggestions:

A way to  manage your ketone levels could be: during the week, use Ketonix to adjust exercise and food composition to keep yourself in ketosis. And measure your Beta-hydroxybutyrate at the weekend.

Another tidbit that I hadn’t quite considered was proper storage of the device:

Always keep the Ketonix in it’s pouch to protect the sensor from dust and dirt.

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What Are Refined Carbs?

superhero-blueThe BJJ Cavewife and a few of her friends are taking part in an online Superhero Unleashed challenge run by Emily Schromm whom we first encountered on one of Robb Wolf’s podcasts.  Since many of the BJJ Cavewife’s friends are new to the whole paleo thing they had a lot of questions about some of the requirements in the challenge, namely the whole ‘no sugar’ and ‘no refined carbs’ thing.  When the BJJ Cavewife couldn’t explain things well enough she turned to me and I wrote this post as way to help them out.… Read More

Even Ben Greenfield Has Thyroid Problems While In Ketosis

Ben Greenfield

Even Ben Greenfield Has Thyroid Problems While In Ketosis

In the span of a week or so, Ben Greenfield appeared on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Exec podcast AND John Kiefer’s Body IO FM podcast where he discusses his experience training for and performing in Iron Man races while in full nutritional ketosis.

He describes one of the main side effects that he encountered being severe hypothyroidism… manifesting as severe sensitivity to cold, poor libido, and poor overall energy.

The way they treated this was to eat a lot of liver, dessicated thyroid, and sweetbreads which seemed to fix things for him.… Read More

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