Our COVID Strategy

Now that I’m “sheltering in place” and our vacation to the beach has been cancelled (the BJJ Cavewife and I were really looking forward to introducing our little one to the ocean for the first time), I have time do a little writing.

The first thing I wanted to share was the way our household has been preparing for the COVID pandemic these past few weeks. We shared the contents of this post with our friends and family and hope you’ll find something in here helpful as well.

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Collagen Hydrolysate: Why you’ll want to take this

One of the regular supplements in my regimen is the use of 2 tablespoons of Great Lakes Collagen (12 gm of collagen) into my morning coffee along with 2 scoops of Laird Turmeric Creamer.

My initial reason for taking collagen was to help with recovery and soreness after training, however the more I looked into it the more I discovered that it’s actually an amazing supplement.  

First of all…

What IS Collagen Hydrolysate

There are two primary forms of collagen that are available:

Collagen Gelatin – Consists of a longer chain of amino acids and will become thicker and gelatinous when mixed with liquid

Collagen Hydrolysate – Is collagen gelatin that is processed even more to form shorter chains of amino acids that are more easily digested and absorbed.  Read More

Dr. Cromwell’s Take on Low Carb and High Cholesterol from Robb Wolf’s Wired To Eat Bonus Material

As a pre-order bonus to Robb Wolf’s latest book, Wired to Eat, he provided access to an interview with Dr. William Cromwell, a lipidologist who is the Director of Cardiovascular Disease at LabCorp where they discuss the ins and outs of various blood tests.

Their discussion naturally made its way to lipids and LDL-P which is of particular interest to me given my own history of having high LDL-Ps.

When Dr. Cromwell encounters a patient with an elevated LDL, he first likes to understand why it’s elevated.  Read More

Peter Attia on Lifespan and Healthspan

Dr. Peter Attia is someone I’ve followed ever since I started blogging.  He was an early champion of the ketogenic diet and wrote a 10 part series on cholesterol that served as the foundation of much of my cholesterol knowledge.

He’s eloquent and intelligent and thoughtful and whenever he surfaces on a podcast (it’s too bad he doesn’t have one of his own), I make the time to listen to what he has to say.

So when he popped up in an investing podcast that I’d never heard of before, The Investors Field Guide, I downloaded it and got to taking notes.

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My 2017 Black Friday Haul

It’s now the week after Christmas and I’m still reeling from all the shopping we did on Black Friday.  I just wanted to share some of the stuff that we picked up especially since I plan on doing more in depth reviews on a few of these items in the future.

I’m not a big shopper.  In fact I really don’t enjoy shopping and don’t buy many things.

Usually when I want to buy something like a supplement or health gadget or BJJ DVD I would just go ahead and buy it.… Read More

Sound+Sleep SE Review

I snore.  And this is a problem for the BJJ Cavewife.  And what is a problem for the BJJ Cavewife becomes a problem for me.

Here’s how the cycle works.  I come home exhausted from a hard day of work and BJJ training and will inevitably be the first to fall asleep.  The BJJ Cavewife reads a little and slowly drift off to sleep.  I inevitably snore at the exact moment she falls asleep which snaps her back into wakefulness.  She pushes me to get me onto my side. … Read More

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