Diving Deeper into Cholesterol: Sterol Testing with Dr. Dayspring


One of the tests I came across to help figure out more of what’s going on with my cholesterol status was sterol testing.  What this test does is measure particles in your blood that tell you whether the changes in your cholesterol are related to too much absorption or too much formation.

Here are some of the labs that offer this type of testing.

Unfortunately none of this was taught… or even available when I was in med school, so I didn’t know much about this.  … Read More

The Gut Biome and Cholesterol Connection

Microsoft PowerPoint - Attia Lipoprotein Trafficking.pptx [Read-Only]

My past few posts have been pretty cholesterol centric and I just have to warn you that there will be more to come.  Obviously this is a topic that is important to me, and unfortunately at this point science doesn’t have a good answer yet as to what the heck is going on in my particular case.

I’m doing what I can to self experiment (most recently by taking anti-inflammatory supplements and increasing more carbs… and then adding in even more carbs while cutting back saturated fat) and to dive into more research.… Read More

Cholesterol and Thyroid Update from June 2015: Increasing Carbs and Decreasing Fats


I learned in March 2015 that my LDL-P and small LDL-P were still elevated and my Lp-PLA2 (marker of vascular inflammation) was also elevated.

I experimented with a trial of daily anti-inflammatory supplements including, Athletic GreensExos Curcumin, and Exos Omega 3, Lemon Berry while bumping my carbs up from 100 gm to 120 gm.  When I retested in May 2015, I discovered that this didn’t really have any effect at all on my cholesterol AND caused a nominal bump in my Lp-PLA2.… Read More

Cholesterol Update from May 2015: What did taking anti-inflammatory supplements and increasing my carbs do?

Cholesterol May 2015

When I saw my blood panel from March 2015, I wasn’t entirely sure what to feel.  I felt better that my LDL-P, LDL-C, and total cholesterol were coming down, but was a little worried at the elevation of my small LDL-P to it’s highest level.

While I was assured that my overall inflammation was low because of my CRP of 0.7, I didn’t know what to make of the state of my vascular inflammation because my Lp-PLA2 was high.  The high ferritin also seemed to point to possible underlying inflammation (or hemochromatosis).… Read More

My Health Test Results from March 2015

Huffpo Blood Test

After a little over three months since I stopped working as a shift worker and fixed a lot of my sleep issues and settled into a fairly regular routine, I thought it would be a good idea to check some of my labs to see where I stood.  I checked my NMR Lipoprofile, Apo B100, Lp-PLA2, Ferritin, fasting Insulin, CRP, Vitamin D, Thyroid Panel, and Testosterone.  Before going into the health test results, here is a brief bit of background.

My last series of tests was in October 2014 when I was trying another round of strictly following the Carb Nite protocol.… Read More

Could This Freak Injury Have Been Prevented?


As a musculoskeletal radiologist I diagnose knee injuries and ACL tears on a daily basis.  I’m used to seeing these as grays-scale images on our back-lit medical grade computer monitors, but today I saw an injury happen right before my eyes.

Traffic was light today, and made it to my brazilian jiu-jitsu class early.  Whenever this happens I take the opportunity to get in a little extra stretching and maybe work on some techniques with some of my teammates.

When I was stretching out, I noticed a new person awkwardly standing by themselves against the wall. … Read More

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