The BJJ Caveman Sleep Lab

BJJ Caveman Sleep Lab

Over the past couple years, I’ve placed quite a bit of stress upon my circadian machinery, what with all the overnight shift work (either 7pm to 7am or 4pm to 4am) and all of the time spent traveling, that I’ve felt the need to explore supplemental support.  These are the various supplements I’ve been experimenting with off and on.

Now I don’t take them all at once, and I don’t take any of them regularly, but I do have them in my toolbox.  There are some that I’ve found more helpful than others and some that I’m still trying to decide whether or not I’ve just spent money on expensive urine. … Read More


The Keto Rash

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my latest project,, which I intend to be a comprehensive resource on everything related to the keto rash, which is known scientifically as prurigo pigmentosa.  Since I’ve made it a goal to review and write about as much scientific literature as possible on this little known entity, I decided that it would be most effective if I compiled all of this research in one centralized location.

To make it easier for readers to chime in and interact with other readers and myself, I created both forums and a facebook community, which I think should make things more convenient as opposed to what we’re doing right now, which is scrolling through pages and pages of comments at the bottom of a post!… Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 5 – Caused by H. Pylori?

PP H Pylori

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 5 – Caused by H. Pylori?

Here are links to the prior installments of this series:

This was another paper that caught my attention because of the title which identified a specific organism in the skin biopsy of the prurigo pigmentosa rash. … Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 4 – Associated with Lyme Disease?

PP Borrelia

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 4 – Associated with Lyme Disease?

Here are links to the prior installments of this series:

I was very excited by the title of this article, especially since it offered potential insight as to a specific infectious etiology to this rash!

This was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, August 2013. … Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 3 – After a Strict Ketogenic Diet

PP ketogenic diet

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 3 – After a Strict Ketogenic Diet

Here are links to the prior installments of this series:

This one had a very promising title and was in Pediatric Dermatology on December 30, 2013.

Prurigo Pigmentosa after a Strict Ketogenic Diet

This was a single case report about a 17 year old white boy who presented with this rash on his chest, upper back, and abdomen for 2 weeks. … Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 2 – A Segmental Appearance


Segmental PP

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 2 – A Segmental Appearance

The next installment of my literature review of the keto-rash, prurigo pigmentosa.

Here is the previous post:

This next article is also hot off the presses, published July/August 2014 in Pediatric Dermatology.

Segmental Prurigo Pigmentosa

This was simply a case report about a 13 year old girl (pictured above) who developed the rash.  Unfortunately they do not discuss what they think caused it.

They thought this was worthy of report primarily because of the distribution of the rash which they call “segmental,” describing how it appears almost as a band on the left side of her chest.… Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa Literature Review Part 1

PP Middle East

I haven’t written much about the keto-rash, prurigo pigmentosa lately despite promising that I would (shame on me) so I’ve decided to do a more in depth review of some of the literature that is available.

This article is hot off the presses, just published in the American Journal of Dermatology on July 30, 2014.

Prurigo Pigmentosa:  A Clinicopathologic Study of 4 Cases from the Middle East

This was the first case series from the Middle East, out of the American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon.… Read More

Coach Sommer on Barbell Shrugged Podcast


Just wanted to highlight another podcast Coach Sommer was a guest on, since I really like what he has to say (as you can tell).

Thanks to Mario on Facebook for bringing sharing this with me.

Listen to the full Barbell Shrugged podcast here.

As a quick update, I still haven’t picked up the Gymnastics Bodies foundations course since I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately.  Once things in my schedule stabilize I’ll make the commitment.

Needless to say… the travel has also been rough on my eating!… Read More

Can Lipoic Acid Restore Circadian Rhythms?

Basis Thursday

Can Lipoic Acid Restore Circadian Rhythms?

  • For people who have been following me for a while, you know that I work a graveyard shift, so trying to improve my sleep and minimize disruption to my circadian rhythm is something I’ve been trying to tinker with (hence the sleep trackers)… so when I came across this headline, my interest was piqued.
  • This was also interesting to me because Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the supplements Tim Ferriss recommends as part of the PAGG stack in his 4 Hour Body book.
Read More

Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino on the Fitness Nerds Podcast



Fitness Nerds Podcast with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

  • Dr. D’Agostino was also recently on Kiefer’s Body IO podcast
  • It was interesting to hear that he is slowly being swayed by vegans around him and his pretty much cut out all meat from his diet except fish and insect protein
  • He also quoted a study that found that ketogenic diets can actually have a beneficial effect on the gut biome… which is not what Kiefer and Dave Asprey have been saying recently.  Hopefully more will come out about this
  • In response to people who are concerned with the effect a ketogenic diet on thyroid hormone like myself and Ben Greenfield (whom D’Agostino actually referenced), D’Agostino felt that thyroid issues only arise because people are eating too hypocaloric AND/OR are over-training
Read More

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