Thyroid Hormone Update: October 2014

Thyroid Hormone Update October 2014

I recently summarized my personal experience with how the changes in my diet have affected my thyroid in the review on I wrote on Jimmy Moore’s Keto Clarity.  If you’d like to read about my history more in detail you can refer to these posts:

Here are my latest numbers:

Thyroid Hormone Update October 2014 Table

When looking at all the numbers, it’s interesting to note how similar they are to my numbers from 12/16/2013 after 10 weeks of Carb Nite.… Read More

Cholesterol, CRP, Fasting Insulin, and HbA1c Update: October 2014

Cholesterol October 2014 Update

As you can probably tell with my recent spate of cholesterol focused posts exploring the thoughts of Dr. Dayspring as well as the role of Apo-E and alcohol in high cholesterol… cholesterol has been on my mind of late.

It’s been about 6 months since my last blood test and a lot has happened since then like:

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The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: November 23, 2014

Random Reading November 23 2014

View of the coast line in the city of Menton in the south of France.  We spent an unplanned night in this beautiful place because of an unforeseen train strike… which is apparently a common occurrence Europe.

  1. Well done 7 minute video about a modern day hunter and why he does it.  The film does a beautiful job of describing what it means to him and what a multifaceted and profound experience it is.  I also respect the fact that he hunts with a bow and arrow (albeit a high tech looking bow and arrow) and not an assault rifle. 
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Public Service Announcement from the BJJ CaveMOM: Beware the Meat Glue

My lovely mother who is a subscriber to this site, and who now wants me to refer to her as the CaveMOM whenever I go home to visit, thought it was important to share the threat of meat glue which she discovered in her journey’s throughout the land of Youtube.

While I don’t know how pervasive the use of meat glue is, it does apparently carry the real risk of infection if a meat-glued-together-steak is ordered from an unscrupulous restaurant and not fully cooked.

It also carries a threat to your pocketbook, since there is the possibility of overpaying for lower quality meat at said unscrupulous restaurant.… Read More

Could Apo-E genotyping and alcohol be the key to my high LDL Cholesterol? An online anecdote

Cholesterol and Apo E

I’ve been trying to learn more about the relationship between low carb eating and a subsequent rise in both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and one of the more informative pieces I’ve come across was this  case discussion by Dr. Thomas Dayspring.

It’s important to note that while he’s a lipidologist with plenty of experience under his belt, the case discussion wasn’t a peer reviewed article or published in a journal.  There was also only one study that was cited which I’ve since downloaded and plan on reading.… Read More

Ketosis And High Cholesterol According to Dr. Thomas Dayspring

Ketosis and high cholesterol and Dr. Thomas Dayspring

In my search to learn more about what the heck the relationship is between ketosis and the stratospheric increases in both Total Cholesterol and LDL that seem to occur in so many people (myself included), I came across this case presentation and write up by Dr. Thomas Dayspring, who is a renowned lipidologist.

He was one of the experts in Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity, and has appeared in a number of Jimmy’s podcasts (two of them are here and here).

I carefully went through this paper and did my best to digest, simplify, and summarize it… mainly for myself, but I figured I might as well share it with you guys too.… Read More

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