The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: November 24, 2016


  1. The Caveman Doctor, Colin Champ MD shares is tips for an “Anti-Cancer Thanksgiving,” which includes organic pasture raised turkeys and using grass fed ground beef instead of grain based stuffing, among other things.
  2. In a previous post he wrote about his personal ketogenic diet protocol including the supplements he uses and his preferred workouts.
  3. As you can tell, I’m a fan of his.  He wrote a book titled, Misguided Medicine, if you’re interested in reading more from him.  Here’s a review I wrote on it.
  4. While I understood that every organ in our body has it’s own circadian clock, all of which are governed by the master clock in our brain, the suprachiasmatic nucleus, I was surprised to learn that our clock also regulates our inflammation, and that even our intervetebral discs have their own clocks!
  5. Joel Jamieson wrote a powerful piece tying together the importance of aerobic conditioning, neuroimmunology, chronic inflammation, and the stroke is mother suffered.
  6. Rebecca Latham is someone I’ve been following ever since I started my own blog.  She is a very detail oriented self-experimenter who puts my own efforts to shame.  Here is the final post from her most recent 91 day fasting challenge, consisting of alternating days of fasting and feasting depending on how much weight she lost.  While it’s definitely not a challenge I would do, I am in awe of how well she tracked things.  She meticulously measured her weight, blood sugars, body circumferences, and body composition and detailed them all in charts.  On top of that she took before and after pictures.
  7. The BBC ran an experiment comparing 150 minutes of moderate level activity per week to 15 minutes of HIIT per week.. and well, the title says it all, HIIT: Is there a shortcut to exercise?
  8. Here’s another informal experiment run by the BBC trying to explore the benefits of apple cider vinegar and they found that it could decrease blood sugar by up to 30% and lower cholesterol by up to 13% when taken before meals.  Interesting stuff.

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