Jimmy Moore’s December 2015 Post Fast Cholesterol Panel

Jimmy Moore December 2015 Post Fast Cholesterol Panel

Continuing with my theme this week of following Jimmy Moore’s fasting/cholesterol experiments here are my notes on Jimmy’s lipid panel after his second 17 day fast.

If you’d like to learn more about Jimmy you can check out his blog at LivingLaVidaLowCarb.com or read his books Cholesterol Clarity and Keto Clarity which I’ve reviewed here and here.

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Jimmy Moore’s Periscope Notes:

  • His fasting this time wasn’t as complete as before.  There were a few cheat days in between
  • He fasted for 6 days on 1 day off, 5 days on 1 day off, then 4 days on.
  • These blood tests were from the day immediately after the fast
  • Again, all he consumed was 1-2 cups of bone broth and sea salt, 1 Kombucha, and unlimited water.
  • He also mentions taking Keto OS, a product I’m not familiar with, but Jimmy says is a ketone salt.
  • Other than this, he doesn’t take any supplements

Lipid Panel

Total Cholesterol: 278  —>   241
Triglycerides:   86   —>    72
HDL:   61   —>   48
LDL:   200   —>   179

He’s planning on doing a 30-40 day fast in January.  Straight fasting, no breaks, and plans to measure particles with this next round.

My Thoughts

His data, in tabulated format:

Jimmy Moore December 2015 Post Fast Cholesterol Panel

The results this time around definitely aren’t as shocking or impressive as with his initial fast.  His total cholesterol dropped a meager 30 points and his LDL-C dropped 21 points, all of which could simply be attributed to normal variation.  This is a far cry from the results he saw with his initial 17 day fast and definitely aren’t low enough to help him get a reasonably priced health/life insurance premium.

If I had more time I’d go back to the Periscope episodes on the days where he fell off the wagon to see what he ate exactly.  Did he end up eating at the Christmas party?  I know I would have.

Free holiday treats placed right in front of my face are my kryptonite.  Gingerbread this, chocolate covered that, sprinkled this, frosted that… my fingers automatically pick that stuff up and shove it into my mouth.  What I especially cave to are  goodies that are holiday shaped, like snowmen, xmas tree, or Santa cookies.  I can easily go to the grocery store and avoid buying these things… but if someone brings it to a party and it’s just sitting there… oh boy.

I can imagine a scenario where he succumbs to the same pressure… eats one treat, and thinks “oh well, I guess I broke the fast… let’s just have another one… and another… ahhh wtf, I’ll just start my fast again tomorrow.”  I’ve definitely been guilty of doing this.

It’d be good to know what he ate on these days.  Was it keto?  Did he have carbs?

I also wonder what sort of effect the Keto OS has on his cholesterol.

Dr. Dayspring mentions that ketones can be converted back into HMG-CoA which can then be converted back into cholesterol.  Making taking exogenous ketone supplements is actually providing the needed substrate to help the body synthesize more cholesterol?  This makes sense since fasting and not eating any fat removes all dietary substrate.

In any case, it looks as if the two cheat days and addition of Keto OS really screwed things up for him.  I’ll follow up with the results of his next fast which should be going on right about now.

Here’s the link to Jimmy’s full video.

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  1. charles grashow says:


    Update On My January #2016 30-Day #Fasting Experiment – Day 5 #JimmyScopes JimmyScopes.com

    Jimmy Moore’s latest blood work

    LDL-P 2663
    Small LDL-P 1277
    TG – 129
    HDL – 51
    TC – 312
    Total Testosterone – 378
    Iron – 197 Ref Range 40-155
    hsCRP – 0.67

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