The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: November 9, 2014

Lake Plitvice


Lake Plitvice, Croatia – There were so many beautiful streams and waterfalls here.  The wooden walkways wood often times course right on top of the water, with some occasional splashes that would come up and drench your shoes.  It was definitely a sight to behold.  Unfortunately when we went the entire place was shrouded in mist so we didn’t get a clear view of all the breathtaking cascades it’s famous for… this means we’ll just have to go back!

  1. Even the Huffington Post is getting in on the importance of sleep… things are really hitting the main stream.
  2. Here is a guide to changing self-destructive behaviors that I found appropriate… especially given my recent struggles.  I do seem to have adopted some of the suggestions, especially the ‘feel the pain’ one.
  3. I was forwarded this opinion piece in the NY Times about minimalist living, which is something I’ve half-heartedly tried to adopt in the past.  I can remember reading an article or a book, getting inspired, and then furiously rummaging through all of my crap to find things to sell or donate in order to create more physical and mental space.  Now, my biggest source of clutter is all the random supplements I’m toying with… and I can say that I have a cabinet shelf that’s a veritable supplement graveyard filled with bottles of things I don’t take anymore… but can’t bare to throw away because of the guilt from having spent so much money.  Ugh.. feeling guilty just thinking about it…  moving on!
  4. Maybe this is why I seem to get make things itchier when I scratch the keto rash.
  5. While I think we’ve traveled enough these past few years for a life time… reading this is starting to get me thinking again.  Seeing the Northern Lights has been on my bucket list… now I may have to addend it to “seeing the Northern Lights.. from a rolling hotel or igloo!”
  6. Kate Galliett wrote a guest post on Robb Wolf’s website a few weeks back on “How and Why To Make Your Feet Stronger.”  I thought I was doing everything I could by going barefoot as often as possible and wearing shoes with minimal heel lift… then I watched the video in the post.  Now I’m standing here keeping my feet the outer edge of my foot in line with my heel… and feeling extraordinarily pigeon toed… despite my eyes telling me that my feet are only parallel.  Don’t even get me started on that toe exercise… I’ve been trying that for the past few minutes to no avail… My toes either all move together in sync or they don’t move at all!  Need to practice more.
  7. Here’s another guest post on Robb Wolf’s site with some exercises you can do to maintain thoracic spine mobility if you have a sitting job… like yours truly.  My favorite so far is the first one he shows with the hands behind the head, elbows forward position.  Always able to get a few satisfying cracks when I do that.
  8. Glenn Greenwald delivers a very powerful and very eloquent TED talk on the importance of privacy.  For some reason I always thought he was British with a proper British accent… this is the first time I’ve heard him talk and he is definitely not British.
  9. Ikea released their version of the Stand-up desk for $499.  Now I’ll have to decide between Ikea, Updesk, Rebel Desk, and GeekDesk… or if I win the MegaMillions, the Stir Desk.
  10. I was always curious about those brain training games and programs like Lumosity and wondered if they were truly effective.  Turns out it’s all BS… at least according to this panel.
  11. Wanna know what one of the secrets to the San Francisco Giant’s success was?  Optimizing sleep and using a sleep expert.
  12. The BJJ Cavewife and I recently went on an over the top binge watching all 4 seasons of The Game of Thrones.  Let me tell you… nothing can screw up your work out plans like a stack of un-watched Game of Thrones episodes available at your finger tips… you just HAVE to find out what happens next.  I still can’t help feeling sick to my stomach and depressed whenever I think about the Red Wedding… We pretty much reacted with the same shock and disbelief of these folks and then pretty much had every single one of these thoughts at the same time.  If there’s someone whose productivity you want to sabotage… I recommend you give them this, this, this, and this for the holidays.
    1. We were also super surprised to find out that the actress who played Talisa Maegyr (Rob Stark’s wife) is actually the grand daughter of the great Charlie Chaplin!
  13. Time Magazine writes about a study where they find that people who do shift work long term “had worse memory than those who had always worked days, plus cognitive deficits so steep that the study authors equated them to 6.5 years of age-related decline.” (Thank you Bill Lagakos for tweeting this!)
  14. Here’s a hilarious guide to talking trash on the basketball court.  I think I’m going to start using ‘bang-bang-bang’ next time I’m on the court!
  15. Another article extolling the benefits of a ketogenic diet for seizure control.

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