The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: November 2, 2014

BJJ Caveman Random reading November 2 2014

The Neuschwanstein Castle, along the Romantic Road in Germany.  This was the castle that served as the inspiration for the castle in Disney’s The Sleeping Beauty.

  1. It looks like the act of writing can produce some amazing benefits like improved wound healing… I wonder if this translates into blogging?
  2. I think if I could move to a village I definitely would… although at this point in my life I think the first question I would ask once I got there would be, “What’s the WIFI password?”  Which would then defeat the entire purpose…  This was a nice article based off of this book.
  3. Yet another benefit of meditation…  For about a month I was really good about meditating at least once a day.  It’s something I should really get back to doing.
  4. Speaking of meditation, here are 5 common myths of meditation.  When I first started I was so focused on trying to get it ‘right,’ and it took me a while to learn that getting ‘right” isn’t the point at all!
  5. The BJJ Cavewife and I were recently discussing the merits of pastured pork, since currently the primary source of pork we eat is this, which is organic, but not necessarily pastured.  Luckily Robb Wolf’s site recently published this post about 5 reasons to eat pastured pork.  Now we just need to find a convenient and affordable source…
  6. Scientists have discovered where ‘love’ originates in mice, and managed to turn it off… “Without it, female mice were no more attracted to a mate than to a block of Lego.”  I’m just hoping no one manages to turn it off in the BJJ Cavewife.
  7. Can you sleep too much?  The answer for me is NO!  But that’s because I’m chronically sleep deprived from working the graveyard shift.
  8. Great video of a young MMA fighter getting taken to school by an old timer.  The young kid starts off laughing and smiling and not taking things seriously… until in the span of 10 seconds he… well you can watch for yourself.
  9. While I generally like to start my day with a Bulletproof Coffee… or version of it (I prefer heavy cream instead of butter and haven’t really experience many problems.
  10. Mark Sisson introduced me to the term ‘train low, race high’ in one of his recent posts, which also appears to be Kiefer’s preferred method of training and fueling his athletes before a competition or event.
  11. Did you know that there are actually 35 different human blood types!  I also didn’t know that you could be medically retired from giving blood.  This is a really fascinating tale about the rarest blood type of them all!
  12. I really do love timelapses… and techniques like this ‘layer lapse’ makes me love them more!  It’s truly incredible… especially considering the photographer ‘only’ spent 100 hrs shooting and 350 hrs editing this.
  13. Kendra Wilkinson managed to lose 50 lbs with a ketogenic diet.
  14. Ever hear of Broga?  Well apparently Lebron James and Kevin Love have…
  15. Hot off the heels of Chris Kresser’s “How Much Sleep Do You Need” article, the Art of Manliness published these articles on “What Every Man Should Know About Sleep” and “22 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep.”  If you read through these you’ll have a better understanding of sleep than many primary care physicians!

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