The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: October 7, 2014


The BJJ Cavewife and I just got back from a trip through Germany and Croatia that included a visit to Oktoberfest and Dubrovnik (pictured above).  Needless to say, as with all of our recent trips, thoughts of macros and nutrition and nutrient timing all went out the window.  If I saw something on the street or in a store or on a menu that piqued my interest, I went for it… Now we’re glad to be home and ready to start eating healthily again.

  1. NPR wrote an enlightening piece about synthetic biology which is the next step beyond GMO, in which they take genes from a plant and introduce them into a yeast culture to produce products more efficiently than nature.  Without going into the merits of this technology, the part that is a little alarming is when they say “…it’s also virtually impossible for consumers to track synbio foods, even if they wanted to.”
  2. New study showing that if you eat with someone who is overweight you are more likely to eat unhealthily.  I like that that they considered eating pasta as unhealthy…
  3. Weightlifting for as little as 20 minutes can confer improved long term memory.  Since I’m so terrible at remember names when meeting someone, it might be helpful for me to bang out some squats right after shaking their hand and hearing their name… if anything it will definitely help them to remember me…
  4. Talk about core strength
  5. Mark Manson, one of my favorite internet writers, and someone I find myself agreeing with almost 100% of the time, addresses whether you can truly have it all.
  6. Continuing with my recent theme of sleep, there was a recent guest post on discussing, “How do I know how much sleep I need?”  It was probably one of the easiest to understand guides I’ve read about ‘sleep pressure’ and ‘wake drive,’ with a quantitative method of figuring out your sleep needs.
  7. Basis, the company that produced my current favorite activity and sleep tracker, the Basis Band, announced their latest product, the Basis Peak, which addresses a lot of the gripes I had with the Basis Band.  Hmm… holiday season is approaching.
  8. Short video filmed in Kazakhstan with some amazing night time-lapses… because I’m a sucker for travel and time-lapses.
  9. Scientists at Stanford are measuring the decline in brain volume with age… I wonder what they would find if they examined folks on low carb vs high carb diets….
  10. What happens when a wrestler walks into a BJJ school in the middle of class and challenges the instructor… I thought this only happened in kung fu movies and the early days of BJJ… I guess not.
  11. Bill Lagakos looks at two studies comparing the circadian rhythms of blind and non-blind fish, and the resulting changes in their metabolism.
  12. Colin Champ’s (aka the Caveman Doctor) new book, Misguided Medicine, is on sale until tomorrow: $2.99 for the kindle version and $7.20 for the paperback.  If you want to further support him, you can do what I did and pick up an autographed copy for $20 by emailing



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