A Day in the Life of My Ketones – Part 1

A day in the life 1

When I first received my ketonix acetone breathalyzer, one of the experiments I tried to run was to see how it changed along with my ketones over the course of a typical day.  I decided to document everything I did along with the specific times, so that when I tested my ketones, it would give me a clearer picture of how certain actions affected my ketones.

I was hoping that the ketonix acetone breathalyzer would be able to give me the same level of moment by moment detail that blood ketone testing would give me, but alas, as we saw in my final review, it didn’t.  Even here, we get a sense of the lack of correlation with blood ketones since the ketonix registered as ‘high’ for such a wide range of values.

In any case, here is part 1 of one of my intra-day experiments.  As you can see, this is a typical work-day for me while I’m doing my 12 hr graveyard shift.

Even with this data, it’s hard to parse out exactly how much one particularly action influences ketone levels.

One thing I’m fairly confident in is that my ketone levels will go down a bit immediately post-BJJ, since I tried this before.  Why does this happen?  I’m not entirely sure, but from what I’ve read it might have to do with ketones being utilized during the workout and/or glycogen being released for the workout which then elicits an insulin response.

How much of the increase in blood ketones later in the day was influenced by my exercise earlier in the day?  By my meals?  By the MCT oil I?  How much was influenced by the normal diurnal variation?

How much of the increase in blood ketones the following morning was influenced by the above variables?  Or even just by exercise the day before?

Not sure I’ll ever be able to answer these questions…

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