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Something I really needed to read

Just had to share this post written by Amy Kubal on Robb Wolf’s site.

I been chasing goals for so long that it was good to read something like this just to snap my self out of things.  Here is a small sample of some things I’ve been chasing and unable to attain, and some things that I actually achieved:

Arbitrary things I’ve been striving for:

  • If only I could get my ketones consistently above 1.5 mmol
  • If only I could lose the last 10 pounds

Goals that I’ve attained that I thought would make me happy..… Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa – A Few More Thoughts

StethoscopeOne of my readers, Doctor Timothe, was kind enough to write a very thoughtful response and analysis of my first post on prurigo pigmentosa, and while I was in the middle of typing a response in the comments section, I thought it’d probably be more helpful to write it as a full post.

I am a surgical ER Doctor thats been following you for a while, but I am no Dermotologist. I have been in ketosis for almost 2 years, and i maintain High cardio exercise, and have never had such a problem, nor hear of it.

Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa – The Ketosis Rash Nobody Warned Me About

Prurigo Pigmentosa 1In early December, about a week and a half into my nutritional ketosis experiment I started to develop a rash on my body.  It began in my abdomen, near my collar bones, and my lower back.  It was only slightly itchy (I’ve attached a few pictures that I took from that time showing what it looked like as it was beginning).

Over time it gradually spread to cover much of my trunk (unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of this), but it looked like this.

I thought it might’ve been related to a viral infection or something (even though I never felt sick), because I know that
sometimes certain virus’ can give you rashes (the general term  for this is a ‘viral examthem‘).… Read More

Great Documentary on Helvecio Penna, a De La Riva Blackbelt

A really well done documentary from JITS Magazine about Helvecio Penna.  While I’ve never heard about him before, after seeing this, he’s someone that I’ll never forget.

A 50+ year old black belt under De La Riva who still competes and was able to give a world champ like Xande Ribeiro a run for his money which while amazing still pales in comparison to everything else he does for the community in Rio.  He’s a true inspiration.

Just goes to show, you’re only as old as you let yourself think you are.… Read More

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