Low Carb and Thyroid Hormone

Came across this fantastic article that pretty much confirms my the conclusions I came to after my recent thyroid tests, only she says things much more eloquently and comprehensively!

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  1. Dale Seng says:

    Interesting bit about “The bear in the woods theory suggests that it is the relatively sudden change from high carb to low that flips the switch”, but that doesn’t describe me. Well, I suppose it could. I had been moderate carbing it for a long time with meals (100g), but drank 3 or 4 craft beers a week, on average (don’t even want to THINK about how many carb grams I was consuming on beer). Then I knocked my carbs back to 20g to 50g per day, plus one craft beer, once a week. My only “symptom” is LDL > 200. Volek and Phinney write that some of the LDL is on it’s way back to the liver after being freed-up from fat cells, but they have not much else to say about it in the ‘Art and Science…’ books, except to say it’s temporary while fat burning, which will come to an end for me soon (I’m at 13% body fat with a target of 10%).

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      Wow 13% body fat is pretty amazing. Once you’re at the 10% level you’re gettin close to professional athlete levels!

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