90 Days of Nutritional Ketosis

Weight 90 Days

After 90 days of nutritional ketosis, I managed to reach a new low in weight, only to see it bounce back up.  I’m now only 1.6 lbs down from my starting weight of 180.0 lbs.  Seeing a graph like this really shows how variable daily weights can be!

Ketones 90 days

In the past 30 days, I spent 21 days over the minimal cut off of 0.5 mmol which I’m happy with.  This is a little worse compared to days 31-60 where I was in ketosis for 25 days.  I started increasing my activity near the end of this time period sometimes doing a Crossfit workout and BJJ workout in the same day, so I think that’s what accounted for my spike in ketones at the end. It’s interesting to see that intense exercise is able to raise my ketones much higher than my attempt at protein restriction.  After my experiment with protein restriction I decided to stop tracking my food.  I’ve done it long enough where I have a good sense of what I’m eating, and the times where my ketones drop out of range are because of wayward chocolates, cupcakes, and glasses of wine that sneak into my mouth somehow…

Sugar 90 days

Again, my blood glucose appears to stay within a fairly narrow range, barely touching and crossing over the 90 mg/dl mark on only 3 occasions.  Since I’m satisfied with what I’ve learned so far at least in terms of my blood sugar, (you can read more about the effect of ketosis on my HbA1c here and here), I’m going to stop tracking this unless something drastically changes.

Body circumference 90 days

While I have to admit I was disappointed at my gain of 1.2 lbs over the past 30 days, these numbers showed that things actually weren’t too bad.  There was an overall loss of 1 inch from day 60 which is probably within the realm of normal variation… but I’ll still take it.

In terms of everything else I observed during my first 60 days, nothing has really changed.

7 Responses to 90 Days of Nutritional Ketosis

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  3. mike says:

    Apparently testing in the evening is the way to go. But I would assume you have to test well after a meal. See here:


    I know blood sugar is highest at dawn upon waking as well.

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