Days 69-78 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 69Hit the ground running these past 10 days and spent 8 out of the 10 days in ketosis.  I’m currently on a ketosis streak of 5 days, which probably would have been longer had I not fallen off the wagon again and succumbed to the siren song of Georgetown Cupcakes, which our friends generously gave to us.  One thing I’ve discovered is that my will power can be pretty strong, and I can resist the urge to buy food…. but when it’s given to me… and it’s free, or rather didn’t cost me anything, I can’t seem to resist.

I wonder if this is what the paleolithic folk dealt with.  If they came upon a let’s say…. cupcake tree, and the cupcakes were high in the branches, it would be pretty easy to walk past and forget about it.  However, if a shiny new cupcake fell onto the ground right in front of them, and was there for the taking, they’d just go ahead and eat it!  I know there are a lot of fallacies with this metaphor starting with the fact that there are no such things as cupcake trees…

Anyways lets get started with the data:

Weight 69

Reached a new low in weight this week which I’m pretty happy about.  I haven’t weighed this much since I was 16 or 17, so I’m pretty excited.  Interesting to see the fluctuations in weight due to changes in water weight in graph form.  In these past 10 days I ranged from a high of a little over 179 lbs down to my low of 175.6 lbs.

Ketones 69

I included the day where I measured 0.2 mmol due to a chocolate cake I ate last week for reference on this graph.  After eating the cupcakes this week my ketones again dropped to 0.2 mmol.  That seems to be the pattern when I fall off the wagon.  The positive is that I was able to recover the next day and jump right back into ketosis!  I calculated the amount of carbs in the cupcakes that I ate (I ate 3 cupcakes which contain about 30 gm carbs each), and considering my overall carb intake is pretty low, despite falling off the wagon, I still estimate my total carb intake for that day to be less than 110 gm… which is still respectable.  I was also really active these past 10 days, doing BJJ for 4 days, playing basketball, doing my IFAST exercises, and getting in a session of Crossfit, which probably helped me work through any extra glycogen and glucose I was exposed to.  I’m sure it also helps that I’ve been ketoadapted for over 60 days.  The take away, at least in my case, is now I know I can cheat for a meal or at minimum a dessert and still have the ability to get back into ketosis fairly quickly.

Blood Sugar 69

Fasting AM blood sugars are still in a tight range.  I hit a low of 68 mg/dl before my Crossfit class on Day 77 and was happy that I didn’t experience any hypoglycemia or bonking, despite having to do pullups, inverted hand stand pushups, ring dips, and other painful things that made me feel pathetic.  The two highest points again were the days following the chocolate cake and cupcakes.  I just got my HbA1c results back which were a little puzzling and deserves a post on its own.

Circumference 69

All trending down…Nice!

My improving circumference measurements indicate improving body composition with loss of body fat, which is my ultimate goal!

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