Day 51 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 51Weight: 178.2
AM Ketones: 0.6
AM Blood Glucose: 86
Hours of Sleep: 6:59
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: Light jogging x 20 min
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 25 days

I guess my BJJ yesterday and good eating didn’t raise my ketones as much as I expected.  I’m still wondering if the lack of sleep these past couple days along with the increased personal stress is screwing me up.

I’m going to consciously try to really limit my protein now as well to around 80-100 grams now to see if this is the reason I’m not seeing the high ketone levels that others are.

My weight has hit a new low!  I don’t mind celebrating a little bit even though I know that this is within the range of normal fluid variation.  Hopefully this will be sustained for the next few days and actually reflect a true loss.

A good thing I’ve noticed is that my appetite is suppressed now.  I’m getting full really fast now… and staying full longer.  And when I do get hungry, after one bite, I’m full again.  I’m still not at the point that Jimmy Moore talks about where he accidentally fasts and only eats one meal a day.. but my hunger pangs have gone down a lot compared to before.

Day 51b

Proteins are on the high side.

Macro’s were good today.  Some light activity today and carbs under 30 grams should lead to a higher number, but the higher amount of proteins can lead to gluconeogenesis exposing me to insulin which will lead to a low number.  Hopefully my ketones won’t go much lower tomorrow.  Forecast: 0.6 mmol.

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