Day 43 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 43aWeight: 179.6
AM Ketones: 1.1
AM Blood Glucose: 83
Hours of Sleep: 7:45
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Stand Up Paddleboard x 2.5 hours, SNUBA, snorkeling

17th consecutive day of nutritional ketosis.  Minimal weight loss from yesterday, still within normal variation as I’m hovering in the vicinity of 180 lbs.  I won’t be able to declare any progress until I see a sustained and continuous decrease.

Came across a paleo blog where she actually posted every single meal in that she had in a grid for seven straight days.  I’ve gotten lazier with taking photos of my meals especially since most of it is gone by the time I even remember to do it.  But I’ve been meticulous in documenting everything I eat and their nutritional break down.  I’ve only been posting the macro break downs and total calorie count, but I have every item I’ve eaten on a spreadsheet… which I think would make for boring reading.

Day 43b

Looking good again.

Macros look good today as well.  Been making a conscious effort of trying to eat more fats and it looks like it’s working.

Ketones went down from yesterday despite all the surfing.  Could have had something to do with my Hawaiian shaved ice!

Today was pretty exhausting.  Started the morning with almost 2.5 hours of stand up paddleboarding which is amazing in the backdrop of Hawaii.  Sea turtles surfaced right next to us and we could see humpback whales in the distance.  Amazing.  The afternoon was spent on a whale watching tour with an hour of snorkeling and SNUBA.  I’m having a blast with all of this outdoor activity and my body, whilst tired, feels rejuvenated at the same time.




Not sure what tomorrow will bring in my ketones… best guess?  1.0 mmol since my diet was good and my activity was ok.  I wonder if the type of activity has an effect.  My typical exercises are all pretty intense and anaerobic (BJJ, Crossfit, and Tabata’s), whereas these more recent outdoor activities (surfing, SUPing, snorkeling, swimming) seem to be more aerobic, and may not have the same effect of raising my ketones.  Something to think about.

One Response to Day 43 – Nutritional Ketosis

  1. Victor says:

    If you get your calories from plant foods your nuoittrin is gonna be a good deal higher, this is jeff novicks argument for going 100% plant based(Not in agreement with that personally). A lot of paleo folk are under the impression that carbs are empty nuoittrin but I think that’s because they haven’t looked at cronometer.In regards to calorie restriction the average height in korea for a male is 5’8 , lets assume they weigh about 130. That would put there Bmr at 1064 calories, so 1718 isn’t necessarily calorie restriction. Depending on how much physical exercise these people do they could be in calorie excess.

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