Day 40 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 40aWeight: 181
AM Ketones: 0.7
AM Blood Glucose: 88
Hours of Sleep: 8:04
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Swimming, bodyboarding, playing with toddlers!

This is my 14th consecutive day of being in nutritional ketosis!  My ketones slightly increased from 0.6 to 0.7 mmol.  In reflecting on why I’m having so much trouble getting to levels higher than 1.0 mmol, I should try increasing my overal fat percentage to around 80%.

Found an organic grocery store a few blocks down for the place we are renting and stocked up our fridge!  More self prepared meals = better macro control = more ketosis!

I was doing very well with my macros today until I encountered a prime rib who’s protein content skewed things and lowered my fat percentage.

Day 40b

Protein level is a little too high.

Interesting to see how easily it is for ketones levels to fall isn’t it?  Even by just eating a higher percentage of protein.  I think this is one of the drawbacks of the diet that I’m discovering… is that despite it’s effectiveness, it can be extremely delicate to maintain… hence the need for constant measurements.  You may think you’re in ketosis but actually be out of it, but the blood tests are irrefutable.

Today was a perfect day.  Went to the went to the beach, ate lunch, took a nap, went to the beach again, and then went to dinner with friends (where I encountered my friend’s two wonderfully joyful and yet extraordinarily exhausting toddlers).  It reminded me of this New York Times article I read a few months back.

Got to see another beautiful sunset today.  Figure I’d snap a picture and share it.

Day 40c

The kind of thing that makes you want to write poetry…(the sort that rhymes… could never appreciate the ones that don’t rhyme).


Ketone guestimate for tomorrow is 1.1 mmol since I had a bit more activity and markedly less carbs today.

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