Day 39 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 39aWeight: 179.6
AM Ketones: 0.6
AM Blood Glucose: 88
Hours of Sleep: 6:00
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: Swim in the ocean, walk on the beach

My sleep was so short and thus my energy level was down because we had to wake up early for another flight.  My travels have now taken me to Hawaii.  I noticed that my appetite suppression was still in effect since I didn’t start to get hungry until about 6-7 hours after breakfast.  I still haven’t quite gotten to that point where I could forget to eat a meal and accidentally enter into a state of intermittent fasting.  One of the things we did was pull into an “ABC store” and I saw a combination of salami and provolone cheese and a nicely packaged and convenient container.  I was hungry enough to buy it off the shelf immediately and start picking at it the moment I paid the cashier.  Looking at the label on the back it looks very ketogenic.  It seems like a pretty good snack pack that I can eat on the beach, so I’ll probably pick a couple more of these up tomorrow.

My ketone prediction was pretty close and reaffirmed the effect that Chinese food has on my blood ketones.  Even without the corn-starch, there’s something in it that just knocks my ketones down.  At least I’m still in the range of nutritional ketosis.

Day 39b

Ratio of protein is a little high, but it’s hard for me to eat enough fat on days I fly. Carbs are higher than I’d like too, but at least they’re under 50 gm.

My macros look reasonable for a flying day.  Would have liked the fat to be a little higher, but I’ll take it. We plan on doing some grocery shopping tomorrow so I’ll be able to stock up on more fatty foods (hello coconut oil and milk!).

Since my macros were reasonable and I did engage in some physical activity (saw the most beautiful sunset of my life while walking on the beach), I’ll guestimate that tomorrow my ketones will be slightly higher… maybe around 0.9 mmol.

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