Day 36 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 36aWeight: 181.2
AM Ketones: 1.1
AM Blood Glucose: 83
Hours of Sleep: 7:11
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Walk in the park.

This is my 10th day straight of being in nutritional ketosis it looks like my guess from last night was pretty on the mark.  I also had another slice of my cheese-mousse today with no GI problems, so it doesn’t look like I consumed the requisite amount of xylitol to elicit an intestina response.  1 slice ok… 2 slices not ok!

My diet was going splendidly today until I came across this beautiful roasted pork belly.  I had about one and a half slices and while did well to maintain a good macronutrient composition that minimizes carbs… the calories got a little out of hand!

Day 36c

My dinner including the pork belly and ramen (broth and fixings only) accounted for 2000 of the above calories!

Another interesting observation was that today was the first time I experienced the lasting satiety that Jimmy Moore described.  After my breakfast of eggs, bacon, bullet-proof fat hot cocoa, and my blue berry cheese-mousse (around 1000 total calories)… I was full for the entire day, even up until dinner.  Then the pork belly showed up and it just tasted so good and tender and succulent that something in my brain went… “To hell with satiety.  Your’e going to eat this NOW because it tastes amazing.”  And it did.

At least I’ll know in the future that when I go back to that restaurant, and I absolutely will, I’ll just have to maintain some semblance of moderation.

I guess if I DID have to fall off the wagon… at least I did it in a ketogenic way!   Tomorrow will be another day to maintain a caloric deficit, life goes on.

On the other hand I enjoyed a beautiful walk in the park today, something that I definitely don’t do enough.

Ketone prediction for tomorrow… 0.8 mmol.  I didn’t participate in any intense activity today so I think it will be a little lower than todays measurement.

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  1. […] to determine if I am in the range of nutritional ketosis (0.5 mmol- 3.0 mmol).  I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting what my ketones will be the following morning based on my diet and activity level. […]

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