Day 30 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 30aWeight: 180.6
AM Ketones: 1.1
AM Blood Glucose: 85
Hours of Sleep: 6:27
Energy Level: Excellent!
Physical Activity: BJJ

I seem to have made a nice ketone jump, which also corresponds to a bit of weight loss (probably remaining water retention from my new years bender since this is what my weight was before New Years). It’ll be interesting to see if this continues.

Just off the top of my head, potential causes for this jump from low level ketones to 1+ mmol include:

  • My body has shifted its cellular machinery and has shifted gears to metabolize more ketones
  • I have finally worked through any remaining excess glycogen (goes hand in hand with above)
  • Or, this may be related to the workout I had yesterday (kettlebells, jump rope, and burpees). I still have to do a writeup of my 3 day experiment of eating the same thing varying only my activity, but I noticed higher ketone levels the morning after my exercise days.
  • I’ve also reduced my carb intake to less than 30gm the past few days, so this may have also played a part.
  • OR all of the above!

Keeping a log of my diet and track of my macros has helped a lot and helped me be aware of my intake.

Also I think I’ve figured out the satiety thing.. at least for me.  It matters what source of fat/protein I eat. When I was just eating cheese (hard cheeses as recommended by in the Art and Living Books)… I was still hungry later, no matter how much I ate… but when I changed the source to fatty meats.. man that kept me satiated for a lot longer.. even though the caloric intake was the same between the two. The meat had a little more protein vs fat .. whereas the cheese was more fat than protein.

So now that I’ve switched to a meat based source, I no longer feel the uncomfortable hunger pangs.

This is the beauty of n=1… figuring out what works best for YOU.

Day 30b

Todays macronutrient profile.

I’ve completed 30 days of nutritional ketosis and I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the process.  I will do a write up summarizing my first 30 days next.

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