Day 13 – Nutritional Ketosis

Weight: 181.6
AM Ketones: 1.1
PM Ketones: 1.8
AM Blood Glucose: 81
PM Blood Glucose: 81
Hours of Sleep: 6:45
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Tabata Intervals x 3.  First two sets alternating between 60 lb kettlebell swings and burpees.  The last set alternating between body weight squats, bent over rows, and kettlebell swings.

Even though I didn’t get the full 7-8 hours of sleep today I felt fantastic!  Something about sleeping in your own bed just makes everything better.  My weight is still in the normal range.  I’m guessing my body is staying in the 180 lb range with a daily variation of 1-2 lbs.  Good thing is I’m not gaining weight!  We’ll have to wait a few more days before I do another set of body measurements to see if there is any change in body composition.

More than two full weeks of adhering to a ketogenic diet (13 days of my experiment plus 5 days of preparation before my ketone sticks came), and I’m still loving life.  My energy level seems to correlate more with the quality of my sleep, irrespective of quantity, than anything else.  I haven’t noticed better sleeps when my ketone levels are higher.

One thing I have noticed however is that I no longer get the typical post-prandial sleepiness after lunch.  I feel comfortable attributing this to the diet.  In terms of my mental clarity, I think that is more correlated with my sleep again rather than changes in my diet.  Other people, such as Jimmy Moore have reported better mental clarity, but he’s been doing the ketogenic diet for over 200 days.

It’s interesting to see that my body was right back in ketosis this morning.  I didn’t even have to do anything except get a good nights sleep.  My body must’ve run through its glycogen stores overnight and then switched right back into burning fats.  Way to go ketoadaptation!

I’m seriously considering getting a DEXA scan for a more accurate analysis of my body composition, but I’m conflicted because I try to limit the total body radiation I receive.  Since I travel so much I’m exposed to more cosmic radiation than people who don’t travel.  I do my best to avoid the TSA scanners and let them feel me up each time… I’m sure they’ll appreciate any improvements in my body composition as well.

In the mean time I’ll try to find locations near me that offer DEXAs and find out about pricing.

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