Day 12 – Nutritional Ketosis

AM Ketones: 0.2
PM Ketones: 0.2
AM Blood Glucose: 83
PM Blood Glucose: 89
Hours of Sleep: 5:51
Energy Level: Poor
Physical Activity: None


Finally — home, sweet home. The main activity of the day was walking throughout various airports trying to get home.  So good to finally be in my own bed after another bad night of sleep.

It’s pretty hard to get any working out done on these travel days when most of the time is spent buckled into the airplane, or waiting to be boarded.  I guess if I were truly motivated I could start doing burpees and other body weight movements in the airport… but probably still better not to draw too much attention from the TSA.  Last thing I need is another pat down!

Despite having my “fat hot chocolate” only two hours ago, I’m still not in the nutritional ketosis range.  My diet all day was very good and to the best of my knowledge, carb consumption was kept at a minimum.  My only explanation for my lack of nutritional ketosis is that my body is still processing all the carbs I consumed yesterday at the holiday party.

Red velvet cake.. the gift that keeps on giving.

Now that I’m in my own bed, I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to get a good night sleep giving me a good energy level tomorrow, so I can get in a good work out!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get myself back into ketosis soon.

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