Review: Sleep Remedy – My Favorite Sleep Supplement

I’ve learned that the most significant factor depending on how I feel is how well I slept the night before.  I used to be in the camp that believed that the less sleep I needed, the tougher it made me.  This was the sort of culture that was cultivated in med school, internship, and residency.  The less you slept, the more time you had to study/work, the tougher you were.

We’re now learning how wrong this way of thinking is.  My first job out of training was a graveyard shift worker.… Read More

Cholesterol Case Study by Lipidologist, Dr. Tara Dall

I was poking around Dr. Tara Dall’s website one day and came across this case study that surpisingly reminded me of my own case (I’ve uploaded a copy here just in case her link breaks).

Dr. Dall is the lipidologist I visited to help me review my cholesterol situation.  Here are links to the posts documenting my consultation with her:

In fact, it was through my meeting with her that I learned that I am both a cholesterol hyper-synthesizer AND a hyper-absorber, and that I have an ApoE 3/4 genotype.… Read More

Cholesterol Update with Berberine AND Bergamot, April 2017

In the last episode of “Let’s Tinker With The BJJ Caveman’s Cholesterol,” I took Bergamot 500 mg 2x/day and saw that it brought my Small LDL-P to 407 which is the lowest it’s ever been and the fist time it was in the normal range of <527 nmol/L.  My LDL-P remained in the high range of 1600-2000 at 1756 nmol/L.

So now we’ve seen what my cholesterol looks like with a dietary intervention alone (eating Whole 30), with Berberine 500 mg 2x per day, and with Berberine 500 mg 3x per day.… Read More

Adventures in Broccoli Sprouting: Review of the Easy Sprout

After listening to Rhonda Patrick’s masterclass on broccoli sprouts and then her followup interview with Dr. Fahey I was all-in on broccoli sprouts.  I couldn’t wait to start growing my own sprouts to get in on some of that NRF2 action.  I mean after learning about all of the potential benefits which include:

  • Increased excretion of toxins
  • Decreased cancer risk
  • Removal of carcinogens
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improved blood sugar control
  • Potential extension of life span (at least in beetles)
  • Protection against neurodegenerative disease

… it almost seems stupid NOT to eat broccoli sprouts.… Read More

Rhonda Patrick Talks Broccoli Sprouts with Dr. Fahey from Johns Hopkins University

As a nice companion to Rhonda Patrick’s first video on broccoli sprouts and sulforaphane she interviews Jed W. Fahey who is the Director of the Cullman Chemoprotection Center at Johns Hopkins Medical School, where he’s actively involved in ongoing research on broccoli sprouts, sulforaphane, and other plant based chemicals.

You can tell by the way he talks that he has a deep understanding of everything broccoli sprout related, especially since he was literally involved in much of the research.  A quick search on PubMed shows that he has 79 publications with the earliest paper from 1980 to the most recent one published this past June 2017.… Read More

Random Reading: July 24, 2017

*Image from NY Times

Deshun Wang, pictured above is an 80 year old gym going runway model who reminds me of the Chinese version of Mark Sisson.  He’s lead a pretty incredible life that took him from being an actor to a pantomime artist to learning how to weight train at the age of 50.  And just last year, he added ‘runway model’ to his resume.  I definitely hope I can have that same level of vigor and vitality when I get to his age.… Read More

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