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Allergy season is here again and it feels terrible… just complete and absolute misery.

My nose is congested all the time.  It does this strange thing where one side will get really congested while the other one will be clear, and then all of a sudden they’ll flip flop with the other side being completely congested and the first side being clear.  This makes no sense to me. I mean it’s not like one nostril sees different allergens than the other and yet they can react so differently.… Read More

Review: Theravent Snore Therapy Strips

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with my snoring.  It’s either getting worse or the BJJ Cavewife is getting more sensitive.  Our solution of running the air purifier on the MAX setting to provide enough white noise to drown out my snoring is not enough anymore.

Somehow my snoring can now pierce through all of that white noise and stab the BJJ Cavewife’s eardrums, waking her up multiple times a night.

She responds by gently sliding her hand under my back and tenderly balling it up into a fist which in turn wakes me up and forces me to turn onto my back.… Read More

Gut Shield: Kiefer changes his tune on the gut biome… and incidentally has something new to sell


It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything John Kiefer related mainly because he’s largely retreated from public life.  Carb Nite and Carb Back-loading remain unchanged in their 1.0 status with version 2.0’s supposedly always around the corner but never quite materializing.  He occasionally sends out marketing e-mails whenever T3 Fuel and Carb Shock are back in stock but that’s about it.  He’s remained absent from his Body IO FM podcast which are now mainly run by his minions.  No more interesting episodes with him and Rocky where they crap on everyone else in the industry.… Read More

Review: RxBar


One of the BJJ Cavewife’s biggest problems is that she has a habit of not eating enough and at times out right skips meals.  Her mornings can get hectic and she’ll run out of time to prepare something for breakfast so she’ll just rush out of the house without eating anything leaving her famished until lunch rolls around.

This problem also presents itself when she goes to BJJ or Crossfit.  She’ll be time crunched and skip out on eating something before the workout and find herself light headed in the middle of a WOD or roll.… Read More

The Whole30


Our Crossfit gym recently ran a group Whole 30 Challenge and invited us to join. It was a way to get people motivated and excited about eating healthy in the setting of a supportive community.

They created a private Facebook group where members could pose questions, show off their latest Whole 30 approved culinary creations, or just whine about all the goodies that we missed while doing the challenge.

The BJJ Cavewife and I were both enthusiastic about participating. While we generally ate healthily, we had been getting more lax with our eating habits since the cross country move.… Read More

Kimera Koffee Review



I first heard about Kimera Koffee in a sponsored ad on the Ben Greenfield podcast.  Ben espoused the benefits of having nootropics in coffee and how great he felt when he drank this.  He even took to sprinkling in additional boosts like chaga mushroom powder and various other things that created a super potion for him.

After hearing him talk about this enough times, my mind inexplicably went from, “you’re not going to catch me with your fancy marketing” to “hmmm maybe there’s something to this, why not give it a try?”

I swear I really must be a podcast marketers dream.… Read More

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