Cholesterol Update with Bergamot, March 2017

Moving forward with my efforts to identify non-Statin ways to lower my cholesterol I experimented with using Bergamot 500 mg twice a day.  This was a component of what I did when I finally got my LDL-P to under 1500 and small LDL-P to under 600:

Did My Anti-Cholesterol Gameplan Work?  YES

Most recently I’ve been testing the effects of various dosages of Berberine, here are links to my most recent posts:

Next, I wanted to see what using Bergamot alone would do to my cholesterol.  The brand of Bergamot I used was:

Jarrow Formulas Citrus Bergamot

Which goes for the reasonably priced $45.00 for two bottles containing 60 capsules each of 500 mg.

I chose this brand simply because it was more affordable than the original brand I went with, HP LifeScience Citrus Bergamot which goes for $34.95 per bottle of 60 capsules containing 500 mg each.

The dosage I went with was 500 mg twice a day, which is what I used in my original Anti Cholesterol Game Plan.


And for context:

Any Changes?

LDL-P: Dropped modestly to 1756 from 1822

Small LDL-P: Dropped over 30% to 407 from 589.  Most importantly this brings things into the normal range (< 527) which is the first time this has happened!

LDL-C: Surprisingly this actually ticked up to 155 from 140.

Triglycerides: Relatively unchanged at 64

HDL-C: Essentially unchanged at 53

Total Cholesterol: Ticked up to 221.

Final Thoughts

The big take away from all this is the further decrease in my small LDL-P which is now in the normal range of < 527!  If you look at my historical data, this has never happened before which is exciting!  This is literally new territory for my physiology.

Since I’ve been testing only in two week intervals, it’s difficult to differentiate between changes due to the after effects of residual Berberine in my system vs changes due to Bergamot alone, but nonetheless, I’m optimistic of these results.

Now if only I can get the LDL-P under control…

Up next, let’s see what happens when I combine Berberine AND Bergamot.

*Image found here

3 Responses to Cholesterol Update with Bergamot, March 2017

  1. xn says:

    Did you keep up with the fiber, probiotics and dental health with this?

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      Yes with the dental health in general (latest dental check up went well). No on the fiber and probiotics. That is an upcoming experiment in itself.

  2. Lee Lieberman says:

    On my ongoing (30months)Ketogenic Food Intake Plan (diet if you like) my cholesterol has dropped from 120-150 to below 100. I eat less than 800 cal/day, get 70-80% of my calories from fat, and intake less than 20gm/day of carbohydrate. I have lost approx 20lbs.; now down to 198lbs. I take 10mg of Atorvastatin, not to control cholesterol, but because my doctor.says recent studies say it promotes a healthier heart with less likelihood of a heart attack. I am 73yrs.old and have extreme insulin resistance.

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