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How I Got Burned By Crowdfunding… TWICE!

I remember when the idea of crowdfunding first became popular.  I’d browse the pages of Kickstarter and Indiegogo and marvel at the amazing products people were developing, but was always hesitant about taking the plunge because I was never sure any of the products would actually make it into existence… until these two times.

Cautionary Tale #1 – AVAcore RTX Glove

I first heard of this technology in 2012 when I read this article on Gizmodo.  I knew that athletes used ice and ice baths and cryotherapy to aid in recovery, so the idea that similar results could be achieved in something as portable as a glove was mind blowing.… Read More

Gut Shield: Followup uBiome After 30 Days

When Kiefer’s Gut Shield was first released I was initially skeptical given his previous stance on the microbiome, namely that if you become healthy, your gut flora will in turn become healthy.  If you are unhealthy, then your gut flora will be unhealthy.  Eating low carb and Carb Nite will make you healthier and in turn make your gut healthier.  

He didn’t think there was any need to do anything other than eating low carb and Carb Nite… and next he’s marketing a prebiotic and probiotic.

Despite my skepticism, since I really liked his work with Carb Nite and Carb Backloading I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and try this product out for myself.… Read More


Allergy season is here again and it feels terrible… just complete and absolute misery.

My nose is congested all the time.  It does this strange thing where one side will get really congested while the other one will be clear, and then all of a sudden they’ll flip flop with the other side being completely congested and the first side being clear.  This makes no sense to me. I mean it’s not like one nostril sees different allergens than the other and yet they can react so differently.… Read More

Cholesterol Update after Increasing the Dose of Berberine, February 2017

Remember how I said that I was planning to shorten the period between blood tests to around 2 weeks to make it easier to adhere to whatever experiment I was working on because whenever I aimed for a full 30 days life managed to get in the way?

Well life got in the way this time too.  I had a family emergency that required immediate travel out of the country which threw a wrench in whatever blood tests I had planned.

Despite having to book last minute tickets and arrange for last minute visa’s… a small part of my brain was still keeping track of my cholesterol experiment.… Read More

This Infographic Breaks Down Low Testosterone

[Philip, The BJJ Caveman here, this is a guest post from Mo Saleem, founder of, a site dedicated to natural ways of improving low testosterone.  He created a wonderful infographic on low testosterone and  asked if I would be willing to share it here.  I took a look at it and thought he did a fantastic job so I said of course.  

Since testosterone is something I’ve been interested in myself and have tinkered with in the past I know that having some thing like this around would’ve been helpful at the time.Read More

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