Random Reading: January 12, 2017


Slick highlight video a friend sent me showing some of the more dynamic sequences in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  I really like the videographer’s use of selective slow motion to accentuate certain techniques, reminding me of the stuff Zach Snyder used in 300.

Smart Shoes – VivoBarefoot is teaming up with Sensoria to develop running shoe technology that can measure speed, stride rate, foot-landing technique, and GPS.  Since I’m not much of a runner this probably isn’t something I’ll pursue, but I know many of you are!  I actually really like VivoBarefoot for their zero drop shoes, here is the actual dress shoe I wear to work!

More convenient continuous glucose monitoring – A smart watch with build in micro needles that can continuously monitor blood sugars that’s also cheaper than current systems.  The Dexcom system is currently the best one on the market and it involves a skin sensor that you need to keep taped on all the time with a separate receiver device.  Pretty inconvenient, not to mention pricey.  I know because I actually considered getting one of these.

An extensive connection between the brain and the adrenal glands and this can help explain why yoga and pilates are so effective with reducing stress.

Orange juice is the biggest con of your life

Democracy, a beautiful water color video of the late Leonard Cohen’s, Democracy, narrated by my favorite author Neil Gaiman, with score composed by his wife Amanda Palmer.

3 Training Mistakes That Lead to Plateaus – I’ve been guilty of all three…

Wrist flexibility is something I’ve been trying to develop lately.  Since I’m nowhere near doing the wrist pushups shown in the video, I’m focusing on the stretches just to get the range of motion in.  This video especially is helpful.  It’s surprising that despite the increased grip strength I’ve developed from BJJ, my range of motion has decreased, and the amount tightness has increased.

If meat causes cancer…” – Bill Lagakos, author of The Poor Misunderstood Calorie, explores the potential mechanism between meat and cancer, which turns out to be related to circadian disruption.

The NY Times concludes supplements may or may not be helpful.  😛

The Caveman Doctor writes about all the benefits he experienced from cancelling his cable subscription.  The BJJ Cavewife and I haven’t had cable, or even a conventional TV antenna in over 5 years.  I’ve found that I just don’t have time to watch TV.  With all the writing for this blog, BJJ training, eating out with friends, and preparing Whole 30 approved foods, TV has really taken a backseat.  All we currently have is a Netflix subscription… and we will selectively pay for an HBO Now subscription when Game of Thrones is in season.

Has the carboyhdrate-insulin hypothesis of obesity been disproven?  Likely not.

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