Random Reading: December 15, 2016

“…It’s the struggle.  It’s the daily test.  THAT’S what life’s about…”

A little over a year ago Jocko Willink, Navy Seal Commander and BJJ Blackbelt, started his podcast, and it immediately resonated with me in a way no other podcast has.  He’s released a podcast every week since and each episode is anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours… and I listen to and love every single second.  In fact, since his podcast has come onto the scene it’s pushed every other podcast in my queue to the bottom of the list.  Each new Jocko podcast gets priority.  That’s how much I like it.

The video above is the latest one released by his co-host and all around multimedia guy Echo Charles.  I remember the podcast episode this clip is from and how deeply what he said affected me.  I’m ecstatic that Echo put together this awesome video… and have already watched it a couple times, coming away fired up every time.  Bravo Echo.  Thank you Jocko.

The BJJ Cavewife and I actually traveled down to San Diego for a short vacation and of course I snuck in some BJJ training… and guess who I got to roll with?  None other than Jock himself.  There’s a video clip of him absolutely man-handling me somewhere on the internets.

I can’t recommend his podcast highly enough, give it a listen.  I’ve also read his book, Extreme Ownership, and have been meaning to do a review of it, but I’ll just say right now that you should definitely add it to your reading list.

Ok, now for some Random Reading:

  • If you want to be happier, quitting Facebook may be an easy step to take…
  • Pastured grazing can actually help the soil accumulate more carbon while decreasing fertilizer and irrigation needs.  It looks like choosing grass-fed beef is not only better for your health, but also better for the enivronment!
  • Researchers have discovered a link between Parkinson’s and gut bacteria… hmmm looks like probiotics are might start playing a larger role in future therapies.
  • In a similar vein, this article reports on a study finding a relationship between bacterial infections, specifically with spirochetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Oh, and one of the things they say can help fight this is Curcumin, another one of my supplement staples.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple posted a nice article on the best ways to take care of your cartilage, including consuming collagen, which further supports my use of Great Lakes Collagen in the morning.  It’s from grass-fed cows which as we now know is also great for carbon sequestration!
  • I was amazed by the picture of this person showing the dramatic effects posing in different angles can have.  I really need to learn how to pose better…
  • Dr. Malcom Kendrick asks, “Do Low Cholesterol Levels Cause Cancer?” and looks into the Framingham data for answers.
  • Greg Ferenstein managed to restore his sleeping habits by spending time at a clock-free Summer camp for adults where they can unplug.  Hmmm… I know where I want to go for my next vacation.

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