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“The Secret to Running Forever”

Marathon, black silhouettes of runners on the sunset

The friend that likes to send me articles recently struck again, but thankfully it was a relatively short article from the New Yorker about how two runners have successfully stayed competitive at a world class level beyond the age of 40.

I don’t currently do much running except for the brief running warm up in BJJ or Crossfit, but in high school I was on the cross country team (I always came in last place) and I’ve run a couple marathons in the past (please don’t ask me about my times, they’re embarrassingly slow), so I can relate to a lot of the stumbling blocks runners encounter.… Read More

uBiome Results from April 2016

uBiome April 2016

Back in April I submitted my first uBiome sample and after approximately 3 weeks I got the results back.  Here are the results from that sample.

My knowledge in this area is pretty rudimentary, so there’s not much insight I can offer, so I’ll just go ahead and show you what my results are and the recommendations that were provided.

Of course uBiome makes sure that you click on a statement acknowledging that none of the statements made have been evaluated by the FDA and that the results aren’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.… Read More

Someone I know has cancer… and they need help.


Bruce, the older brother of one of my best friends has cancer… and it’s bad.

It’s one of those scary and heartbreaking stories where things are completely fine… until all of a sudden they aren’t.

Where it seems as if the universe, which has gifted you a new job, a new house, and a beautiful family, inexplicably and abruptly has a change of heart and kicks you in the balls and then punches you in the face when you’re hunched over.

Bruce had a nose bleed in May of 2015 that turned out to be nasopharyngeal cancer.  He went through chemo and radiation and a feeding tube in his stomach… and the cancer spread to his bones.  There is now a tumor in his spine compressing one of his nerves.  They are now pursuing experimental treatments and clinical trials.… Read More

What’s In My Latest Amazon Box

Amazon box 1a

Every once in a while I’ll get a big shipment of goodies from Amazon.  In our early Amazon does, when we first became Prime Members, The BJJ Cavewife and I would order things from Amazon willy-nilly.

Shampoo?  Click.  USB Cable?  Click.  Paperclips?  Click.  All as separate orders whenever the impulse arose.

It was amazing.  Two days after the click, a box would show up at our doorstep without any additional shipping costs.

Then we started thinking about all the resources being used just to ship these products out to us.  The piles of single-use boxes with the recognizable Amazon smile/arrow logo and abundant packing materials would accumulate so quickly that they would rapidly overtake our living space if we didn’t dispose of them in a timely manner.… Read More

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