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Cholesterol Update March 2016: What happens after 6 weeks of VSL#3 Probiotics?

0818-News-Students risk

I had normal cholesterol, went low carb, and then ketogenic, and saw that my cholesterol started to go crazy.  I tried a host of things to bring it down including raising my carbs and taking various supplements to no effect.  I finally saw a lipidologist, did some more research, and came up with a 12 point gameplan which surprisingly worked!

I’m now in the process of peeling away parts of my gameplan to see what changes, if any happen to my cholesterol levels.

This past October I stopped taking bergamot and saw a  bump in my LDL-P.  My next step was to stop taking bionic fiber and found that my LDL-P dipped back down.… Read More

How to Eat Like the Rock

the rock1

A good friend of mine sent me this FiveThirtyEight article about what happened to an average Joe, Mark Webster, who tried to eat like the Rock for a month.  He works at a desk all day (like yours truly) and was inspired after reading an article.

I’ve been a peripheral fan of the Rock ever since my college days, but was never a die hard fanboy (like I am with Marcelo) so I’d never taken it upon myself to do any outside reading on him.… Read More

Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s


The BBC reported on a study that found a link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s which was surprising to me at first, but then not so surprising when I thought about it more.

I’ve been seeing more and more articles lately suggesting that low grade infections may be the underlying cause for Alzheimer’s and that the plaques that are diagnostic of Alzheimer’s are simply a result of the body’s attempt to fend off the infection rather than the cause of dementia.

Here’s one such article describing this.… Read More

Kobe Bryant’s Recovery Regimen

Kobe 1

Growing up in Southern California, the Lakers were my favorite basketball team.  I didn’t really start watching until after the ‘Magic and Kareem’ years, when the Lakers weren’t really contending.  Then Kobe joined the team and Shaq joined the team and Phil Jackson started coaching, and things became exciting.

Whenever I played pickup hoops with my friends I imagined I was Kobe and tried to do his acrobatic shots.  Of course I couldn’t come anywhere close to dunking and would get ludicrously winded running from one side of the court to the other… but that didn’t stop my imagination.… Read More

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