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Curcumin and Tendon Healing


Curcumin 2

Rhonda Patrick PhD tweeted a link to this abstract for a study that examined the effects of curcumin on tendon healing in rats.  Since I was just working on a post that touched upon this subject, my curiosity was piqued, so I found the full paper.  The full title is:

Curcumin Improves Tendon Healing in Rats: a Histological, Biochemical, and Functional Evaluation.

It’s hot off the presses and was just published in the “International Journal of Connective Tissue Research” in November 2015.

They took a group of 64 rats and cut out a piece of their patellar tendon from their right knee.… Read More

Taking Care of Your Tendons and Connective Tissues

Tendon 1

I came across an article on written by Dr. Crownover, a sports medicine physician, about five dietary interventions that can improve tendon health, and it got me thinking about all the different things that I’m doing currently doing to maintain my connective tissue health.

In the past year, as I’ve increased my training volume to BJJ 4-5x per week and weightlifting 1-2x per week, I’ve luckily avoided any significant injuries to set me back.

(I did have a minor bout of tendinitis at one point when I stupidly doubled my BJJ training volume to almost 10 sessions in one week… but I managed to recover after a week or two of rest and some ART).… Read More

I Stopped Taking Bergamot And Here’s What Happened To My Cholesterol

Bergamot 1

Brief Summary

I had normal cholesterol, went low carb, and then ketogenic, and saw that my cholesterol started to go crazy.  I tried a host of things to bring it down including raising my carbs and taking various supplements to no effect.  I finally saw a lipidologist, did some more research, and came up with a 12 point gameplan which surprisingly worked!

I’ve received some fair criticism for doing things in this manner because I essentially added so many variables at once which can make it hard to conclude anything at all.  Ash Simmonds probably said things best in the comments here:

You changed too many things at once to be able to conclude anything meaningful whatsoever here.

Read More

Dr. Volek’s Latest Research Paper – Metabolic characteristics of keto-adapted ultra-endurance runners


I was first turned on to this latest study by Dr. Volek after listening to one of Ben Greenfield’s podcasts where he talked about his participation in a groundbreaking study that required him to run 3 hrs straight on a treadmill while undergoing intermittent blood tests, metabolic tests, and muscle biopsies!

It sounded like an experimenters dream to me in terms of the data that could be collected (although it probably wasn’t that fun for those being experimented on).

The paper was finally published a few weeks ago in Metabolism.… Read More

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