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Inflammation, Lipopolysaccharides, and LDL


I’ve been listening to some of Rhonda Patrick Phd’s stuff recently and was intrigued when I heard her explain a potential mechanism for increased LDL on Robb Wolf’s podcast that I hadn’t heard before.

Her explanation went something like this:

Systemic inflammation leads to inflammation in the gut which then causes bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), an endotoxin released by gut bacteria, to leak through the intestinal wall and enter our blood.

Once LPS enters our circulation it binds to LDL particles and prevents them from binding to hepatic LDL receptors.… Read More

Comparing Low Carb vs Ketogenic Diets

Low carb vs ketogenic

I came across this article via Bill Lagakos’ twitter feed titled, “Ketogenic low-carbohydrate diets have no metabolic advantage over nonketogenic low-carbohydrate diets,” published out of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2006.

In this study 20 overweight subjects were randomly placed on ketogenic or non ketogenic low carb diets for 6 weeks and had various biomarkers tested.

The macros of the ketogenic diets consisted of 60% fat, 30% protein, and 5% carbs as percentages of total energy requirement.  They started these guys off eating less than 20 gm carbs per day, something Kiefer would’ve been proud of.… Read More

Vai Cantagalo – A BJJ Fundraiser for Kids in the Favela

Vai Cantagalo

This is a social project and fundraiser currently being organized by Kenny Savercool, one of the instructors at my BJJ gym, Fifty50 BJJ, home of Ryan Hall.

Kenny is a brownbelt and usually teaches there on Thursday evenings.  I really enjoy his instruction and coaching, so when he stopped showing up for a while I started to wonder what happened to him.

It turns out, he went to Brazil for some dedicated BJJ training in the motherland of the sport.  When he finally returned he was excited to tell us all about a social project he was involved with to provide Jiu Jitsu equipment and instruction for underprivileged kids in the Favela.… Read More

Did My Anti-Cholesterol Gameplan Work? YES!

Anti-Choelsterol Gameplan 4

Last week I introduced my 12 pronged gameplan to bringing down my stubbornly high cholesterol.  I followed these 12 steps rigidly for 4 weeks and did a follow up NMR Lipoprofile.  I was literally BLOWN AWAY by the results.

My LDL-P, which has been stratospherically off the charts for the past 3 years has finally come down to Earth.

Something I did worked.

Since I have readers that are just finding this site, I’m going to go into some of the background behind my journey up to this point.

If you just want to find out what my latest results were, feel free to skip ahead.… Read More

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