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My Anti-Cholesterol Gameplan

Anticholesterol Gameplan

In my last post I reviewed the results of all the labs my lipidologist ordered in which we learned:

  • I am somewhat insulin resistant
  • I have increased cholesterol synthesis which is possibly related to my insulin resistance
  • I also have increased cholesterol absorption which is possibly related to an underlying gut issue
  • I am ApoE 3/4
  • My Lp-PLA2 is still elevated and we’re not sure if this is due to actual vascular inflammation or other causes like exercise or my dental issues.

Before going straight for prescription medications, the lipidologist suggested a few things for me to try which I was all over… but since I’ve been dealing with these cholesterol issues for so long and eager to get it under control, I decided to do every possible thing I could think of to help bring it down.… Read More

Reviewing the Labs My Lipidologist Ordered

Lipidologist Labs 9

In my last post I shared the notes I took from my consultation with the lipidologist.  During that initial meeting she ordered all the labs we discussed and many that we didn’t.

After a week the results came back and we discussed them over the phone.  Unfortunately there was a lab screw up and a bunch of the insulin resistance labs she ordered weren’t processed.

I of course took diligent notes that I’ll share below.  As a warning, like the past couple of posts in this series, things do get a bit dense and technical, but I’d rather give you more information than less.… Read More

Consultation with the Lipidologist

consultation with lipidologist

In my efforts to control my cholesterol I finally decided to seek help from an expert and scheduled a consultation with a board certified lipidologist.  Last week I shared my prep work and the questions I wanted to ask when I met her.

This week I’ll share with you the items we discussed during our meeting and her answers to my questions.

A lot of this will be super technical, so if you’d like, you can skip ahead to the bottom of the post where I’ll put together a brief too-long-didn’t-read type of summary, but otherwise read ahead.… Read More

Kiefer’s Carb Nite 2.0 Update

Carb Night 2.0

After picking up both Carb Nite and Carb Back-Loading I was added onto Kiefer’s e-mail list and was therefore privy to this most recent announcement about Carb Nite 2.0 that I wanted to share with you guys:

With The Carb Nite® Solution 2.0 coming out soon, I want to get the original Carb Nite in the hands of as many people as possible.


Because when I release Carb Nite 2, only current owners will have access; it will not be available to the general public for any price.

Read More

What A Doctor Asks His Lipidologist

Lipidologist Part 1

Despite 3 years of struggling with a markedly elevated LDL cholesterol particle count I’ve finally managed to make substantial progress in bringing it down over the past 4 weeks, but before I go into the results and the exact methods I used, I want to give you a detailed description of everything leading up to it.

After experimenting with different macronutrient ratios and various supplements without much success, I finally decided that I took things as far as I could take them on my own and needed help, so I arranged to meet with a lipidologist.… Read More

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