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The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: December 7, 2014

Random Reading December 7 2014

Sunset picture off the shores of Lake Michigan near the town of Frankfort.

  1. Recent post on Chris Kresser’s site stating that it’s actually ok to cook with olive oil, and that it isn’t subject to the common paleo notion (which I previously subscribed to) that heat will induce oxidation of olive oill.  The trick is to make sure you get extra virgin olive oil without any additives and store it correctly.  Here’s a quote that specifically caught my eye: “Being able to heat olive oil opens up cooking options, especially for those who are very sensitive to the effects of saturated fat on their cholesterol levels.
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Apolipoprotein E Super Brief Overview

After reading Steve Kirsch, aka the Paleo Drummer, describe his experience decreasing his LDL by drinking alcohol after discovering his Apo E genotype, I’ve been trying to learn more about Apolipoprotein E.

Probably the best thing that I’ve come across is the pdf summary sheet provided by Atherotech, a company that runs the test.  You can find the pdf sheet itself here.

Apolipoprotein E

My interest lies mainly in the relationship between Apolipoprotein E and LDL status (given my elevation of all things LDL) as well as coronary vascular disease (CVD)

Apo E2

2/2: Increased risk of type III hyperlipidemia.  While this is rare, it carries an increased risk of (CVD).… Read More

Thoughts on Jimmy Moore’s Latest Health Test Results

Thoughts on Jimmy Moore's Latest Health Test Results

Jimmy Moore recently published his blood work obtained during the fall of 2014.  I’m truly appreciative of Jimmy’s willingness to publish information as honestly and transparently as possible, and I use him as a model for publishing my own data.

I’m particularly interested in Jimmy’s test results because like me, he too is someone who has developed stratospheric cholesterol levels while in ketosis.  This has been a topic of great interest to me lately for obvious personal reasons and I’m doing my best to find as much information on this little known subject as possible, most recently exploring the thoughts of Dr.Read More

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