The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: December 7, 2014

Random Reading December 7 2014

Sunset picture off the shores of Lake Michigan near the town of Frankfort.

  1. Recent post on Chris Kresser’s site stating that it’s actually ok to cook with olive oil, and that it isn’t subject to the common paleo notion (which I previously subscribed to) that heat will induce oxidation of olive oill.  The trick is to make sure you get extra virgin olive oil without any additives and store it correctly.  Here’s a quote that specifically caught my eye: “Being able to heat olive oil opens up cooking options, especially for those who are very sensitive to the effects of saturated fat on their cholesterol levels. If you’ve been hanging around for a while, you probably know that your cholesterol levels aren’t the end-all-be-all. However, those with familial hypercholesterolemia (and even those without!) will be happy to hear that they can cook with a fat that has been shown to reduce LDL oxidation, thus improving their heart health.
  2. I’ve been perusing The site recently and came across this interesting article contrasting the difference between Tiger Mom’s and Elephant Mom’s.  Make sure you click on the video link on the first page showing how elephants actually when their young is in distress.!
  3. Look at what Black Friday has become… where employees need to give rallying speeches to prepare themselves for facing the hordes of shoppers when the doors open.  This dude really did a great job!
  4. List from Yahoo of “The Most Disappointing Travel Destinations on Earth.”  My favorite quote was: “Many were confused over what a “henge” even was, with one asking if it was “Latin for tourist trap.”  I don’t care what they say… seeing the Pyramids is still on my bucket list!
  5. Here’s a very well done short film about losing everything and starting anew, that’s only about 10 minutes long.  I really enjoyed the indie type rock music… reminded me of times spent studying in coffee shops…
  6. The BJJ Cavewife likes to make fun for how little fiction I read… since the majority of stuff on my reading list is health or science related… or some other type of non-fiction/how to book.  She really enjoyed this article pointing out all the benefits to reading fiction, like improved ’emotional transportation.’  Daytripper was my latest bit of fictional reading and was a wonderful gift from a dear cousin.  Before that… I think it was Neil Gaiman’s, Ocean at the End of the Lane.  Can’t get enough of his stuff!
  7. KQED in San Francisco asked its audience how much certain medical imaging tests cost and found some drastic differences.  Here’s one example: “In lower-back MRIs, we found that for CPT code 72148, insurers paid from $467 to $1,567. But when we looked beyond commercial insurers, we found even greater variation — from a low of $255 to a self-pay price of $6,221 at an academic medical center. That $255 MRI was paid by Medicare, and was just a fraction of the facility’s charge of $2,450.
  8. What do you think about activity trackers being used in legal cases?
  9. I really enjoyed this Paleo Solutions podcast where Robb Wolf interviews Travis Christofferson about the metabolic theory of cancer and his latest book on the subject, Tripping Over the Truth.  I’m definitely adding this to my uhhh… non-fiction reading list.
  10. In a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, they examine the benefits of fasted vs fed workouts on body composition in young women on calorie deficit diets.  Turns out it didn’t matter if the subjects ate or fasted prior to the workout, they lost the same amount of weight and body fat.  The exercise they used was 1 hr of steady state treadmill work… and the diet they used was predominantly carb based (protein was 1.8 gm/kg of body mass, fat was 25-30%, and rest were carbs)… so not sure how applicable this is to someone like me who prefers resistance training and a low carb diet.  Still, it was interesting to read!
  11. I definitely cracked up when I saw this on twitter…
  12. I know I’ve written about the Serial Podcast before, but I’ll say it again… it’s a great podcast and its no wonder that its now one of the top podcasts of all time.  And with success comes backlash.  I won’t link to some of those backlash articles, but I WILL link to this great response article to the backlash.  This Atlantic piece pretty much voiced every thought I had regarding the backlash… only in a much more eloquent and well thought out way.  Take that backlashers… YOU GOT SERVED!!!


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