The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: November 30, 2014

Random Reading November 30, 2014

The harbor of Monaco where the people with 10 million dollar yachts feel like peasants compared to the folks with 100 million dollar yachts.  When I was researched Monaco for my trip I learned that that this was the most expensive place on the planet!

  1. One of the books that’s been getting a lot of attention in the past few years is Nassim Taleb’s, Antifragile.  It’d pop up every so often in podcasts that I was listening to that I ended up adding it to my ‘to read’ list.  I then came across this summary written article by Shane Parrish on the Farnam Street blog which made me push everything else I was reading aside in order to purchase and read Antifragile immediately.  In my opinion, it doesn’t seem as if the book added more to my understanding and appreciation of the idea of antifragility than the summary piece…  I’m not quite saying that I regret reading it… I’m just saying that I regret pushing it to the top of my ‘to read’ list as fast as I did…
  2. Mark Manson asserts that You Already Have Everything You Need.
  3. Here’s a list of ‘5 Steps to Build an Invicible Circadian Rhythm for Health and Happiness,’ from the Quitting Sitting site.  While I was familiar with most of these things, like the helpfulness of magnesium and zinc prior to sleeping, I didn’t realize that one of the benefits of eating protein for breakfast is improving melatonin synthesis.  I wonder if taking this would have the same effect?
  4. Bill Lagakos, author of the Calories Proper blog AND The Poor Misunderstood Calorie Book, as well as contributing expert to Jimmy Moore’s book Keto Clarity, submits another post providing evidence that it’s better to eat the majority of carbohydrates AND calories in the morning for breakfast, which directly contradicts Kiefer’s Carb Back-Loading recommendations.
  5. Study showing that a Paleolithic-type diet reduces risk for cardiovascular disease published in Current Nutrition Reports.  While I’ve just read the abstract at this point, I’ve saved the article and plan on reading it and perhaps writing a more in depth post on it in the future.
  6. This is a fantastic article written in the Business Insider about how different cultures view ‘time.’  One of my favorite quotes: “For an Italian, time considerations will usually be subjected to human feelings. “Why are you so angry because I came at 9:30?” he asks his German colleague. “Because it says 9:00 in my diary,” says the German. “Then why don’t you write 9:30 and then we’ll both be happy?” is a logical Italian response.  The business we have to do and our close relations are so important that it is irrelevant at what time we meet. The meeting is what counts. Germans and Swiss cannot swallow this, as it offends their sense of order, of tidiness, of planning.”
  7. This experiment with mice showing that new memories (or rather growth of new neurons) can erase older ones reminds me of the metaphor of my brain as a cup which can only be filled with so much metaphorical water (information).  If I add new information and my cup is full… out spills old memories.  At least this is what I told myself when I had trouble cramming for a test…
  8. If I could afford this treadmill AND had the space in my apartment, I’d love to pick it up.  Better yet, if I had that much space and money, it’d be better to move to a beach and just go running outside, barefoot on the sand and surf!
  9. Fightland examines the fighting prowess of Captain James T. Kirk and his patented axe handle strike…  I can’t get enough of their animated gifs!
  10. The BJJ Cavewife and I were cracking up at this video of a dad scolding his two young sons for making a huge mess with paint… the only thing is the kids looked so adorable and ridiculous the dad kept cracking up in the middle of his scolding!  He kept saying things like, ‘You know you’re in BIG TROUBLE right?’ followed immediately by barely stifled laugher giving the kids mixed messages.  If you decide not to watch the video, the images of the two boys themselves are worth the price of admission!  Start watching at the 1:45 mark to see where the Dad starts losing it.

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