Public Service Announcement from the BJJ CaveMOM: Beware the Meat Glue

My lovely mother who is a subscriber to this site, and who now wants me to refer to her as the CaveMOM whenever I go home to visit, thought it was important to share the threat of meat glue which she discovered in her journey’s throughout the land of Youtube.

While I don’t know how pervasive the use of meat glue is, it does apparently carry the real risk of infection if a meat-glued-together-steak is ordered from an unscrupulous restaurant and not fully cooked.

It also carries a threat to your pocketbook, since there is the possibility of overpaying for lower quality meat at said unscrupulous restaurant.

Mother Jones wrote a much better article about this subject.

However… if you yourself are in the market for some of this stuff, you can even order it on Amazon and have it delivered in two days via Amazon Prime…. just in time for the holidays!

Again, while I can’t comment on how big of a threat this actually is… the CaveMOM thought it important enough to ask me to write this post for my readers sakes… so you can thank her!

2 Responses to Public Service Announcement from the BJJ CaveMOM: Beware the Meat Glue

  1. Jasmine says:

    Thank you CaveMOM for bringing this to our attention.

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