Slightly Ambiguous Carb Nite Tip from Kiefer

This was what I saw in my Twitter feed.  So of course I wondered what could he be talking about?

Volume of training?

He has mentioned a few times that if you’re working out you should cut back on workout volume.

Volume of food on the low carb days?

While he generally says to use your hunger as a guide, he has mentioned that if you aren’t seeing results then you may want to cut back on what you’re eating on the low carb days.

Volume of food/carbs on Carb Nite?

He’s also mentioned that if you aren’t seeing results you may need to cut back on carbs during the Carb Nite, OR even skip a Carb Nite here and there and just use Leucine to stimulate the needed insulin response without the carbs. Luckily, I wasn’t the only person that was confused:

To which Kiefer replies:

Which left me unsatisfied…  so I try to sort it out a bit:

Still haven’t heard back… At this point I suspect he’s referring to food volume during the low carb portion of the week especially since he likes to tell the story about the dude who was chugging 10,000 calories/day of vegetable oil who was complaining that he wasn’t losing weight… and not realizing the amazing part was that he wasn’t weight.

I’ll be sure to update if he replies.

6 Responses to Slightly Ambiguous Carb Nite Tip from Kiefer

  1. Nicole says:

    I tried Carbnite for 5 weeks. I gained 5 kg! So I stopped and will stay straight keto for a while..lets see. Carbnite totally does not work for me, even with a smaller amount of carbs.

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      I’m starting to find it’s a little harder for me this time around too! We’ll see. I’ll give it a few weeks, but I suspect I will need to cut back on either the amount of carbs on carb nites in total.

  2. JamieG says:

    I would assume either/or both, like you mentioned in your points above. Someone may be overeating during the week and/or their carb night and may have to test out which one. I think overall, while many people have beaten to death the point that calories don’t matter… I am finding that the they do. Over the past year or more, I stopped counting calories because that was the paleo way, that was also the Keifer way. I just don’t think it holds true. You can still overeat even if all you eat are “good” low-carb, real food, healthy options. (and it’s easier to eat less if you choose those options) Needless to say, I gained 10-12 pounds over that time. 3 months ago I started IF, eating minimal breakfasts, if at all (maybe some high fat coffee and some nuts), which in turn cut down on the amount of food I ate (calories as well) – compared to my usual breakfast of eggs veggies. I starting actually looking at my calories in depth and only eat when I’m really hungry instead of forcing 3 meals a day. I now eat carbs when I need them and don’t eat them when I don’t. That was the problem I saw with CarbNite. I never really needed the carbs on my chosen “carb night”, so I don’t think it was helping. I’ve also cut WAY back on my workouts. Result? I’ve lost 8 pounds in 3 months. My clothes fit better, and no I’m not weaker. I can still lift as much weight at the gym. Those 8 lbs are a BIG deal for a girl of 5′ at 138 lbs. who hasn’t seen weight change in a year of trying a strict paleo and low carb lifestyle!

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      That’s my experience thus far also. Really need to pay attention to what I’m eating with tracking and an eye cast towards overall caloric intake.

      When I take my attention off of what I’m eating… despite a general goal of eating ultra low carb and high fat… I end up gaining weight!

      Really great to hear that you’ve figured out what works best for you, that’s fantastic. Your website looks great by the way.

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