Robb Wolf’s BJJ Training Regimen

Robb Wolf Ripped2Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution (here is my review), podcaster, BJJ blue belt, and one of the founding father’s of Paleo recently wrote a long and thorough post about what his current training is like at the age of 42 with a goal of competing in the BJJ Worlds eventually.

Given my interest in BJJ and nutrition and paleo, this post piqued my interest on just about all fronts.

From the looks of it, whatever the hell he’s doing is working because holy shit is he ripped!

I mean, in all of his podcasts, he’s always been self-deprecating and talking about how his body is turning to crap with all the stuff going on in his life… that I dunno… since I’ve never met him, I just take him at his word for it and imagined that he was an average joe like who was getting soft around the middle.

He has to run a gym, put out a regular podcast, train BJJ, develop a Risk Assesment and Certification Program, travel for lectures, serve on the board of directors of the Savory Institute… on top of dealing with a 3 year old and a brand spanking new baby girl… Talk about a full plate.

Robb Wolf PodcastAll of this coupled with this goofy picture that pops onto my iPhone whenever I’m listening to his podcast, and I just assumed he was a stressed out pudgy dude like me!

Boy was I wrong.  Look at that first picture… He’s gotta be running barely 10% body fat and could moonlight as an underwear model  Does everyone in his life look like this?

Needless to say… I read every damn word of his post and watched every second of the videos that he linked to.

His basic break down is 2 days of week of low volume strength and conditioning using the Prilepin chart, 3-4 days of BJJ, with warmups and mobility mixed in.  He credits Coach Sommer for a lot of his mobility program and the improvements he experienced from it.

He doesn’t go too into detail about his diet except to say that he employs post workout carb feeding and takes Prescript Assist with resistant starch.

If you find this interesting at all I definitely urge you to take some time and read his post in detail.  It took a couple readings for me to fully digest it and I plan to implement some of his stuff into my own program.


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