The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: October 26, 2014



This was one of the side streets in the walled Old Town of Dubrovnik… also known as King’s Landing.

  1. I always enjoy reading different points of view… like this article written against ketogenic diets.  He somehow manages to equate ketogenic diets with Adolf Hitler.  If you’ve read any of my stuff at all, you’ll probably know already that I disagree with a lot of what he says… but despite this, I found this to be an interesting read.  One point I want to emphasize is that you can go ketogenic without having to measure ketones at all.. whether by breath ketones, blood ketones, or urine ketones.  Measuring just lets you know that you’re on the right track… You can simply get into ketosis by simply going low carb, high fat, and moderate protein.  That’s it.  No measuring ketones required.  Another issue I have with this piece is that he doesn’t link to any real data… just to other Huffington Post pieces that support his statements.  If you’re going to write something like this, you’d think that you’d actually link to real pieces of research… but maybe that’s just me.
  2. Scientists are doing what they do best: observing, measuring, and quantifying… how men can dance better.  Looks like I’ll have to practice increasing my right knee twisting and bending speed.  The BJJ Cavewife better watch out now!
  3. I was surprised to see how much bigger chickens are today compared to 50 years ago.  My first thought was that it was because of all the hormones and grains being fed… looks like it was simply natural selection by the hand of humans…  I imagine KFC and Boston Market played a big role.
  4. Ever wondered what Gladiators ate?  Turns out it’s not very paleo…
  5. Engrossing but long article written by an author who became obsessed by and attempts to confront one of her online critics…  One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard after starting this blog is just to ignore the trolls and that no matter what you do, you can’t change the fact that “hater’s gonna hate.”
  6. Is Kim Kardashian now joining the low carb high fat band wagon?
  7. Gizmodo recently wrote a great article on the history of high heels.  Did you know that they were first popularized by men?
  8. Elephants can hear a storm coming from almost 150 miles away…
  9. Have you ever wondered how much glycogen you’re eating from that muscular steak on your plate and if that can put you out of ketosis?  Well wonder no more…  Dr. Eades answers that question and more in this article.  The Inuit, ketoadaptation, and confirmation bias also make an appearance.
  10. Turmeric can protect against heart attacks, fight cancer, delay diabetes, and more!  These are some of the reasons that I’ve started drinking Turmeric Tea… but mostly because Tim Ferriss recommended it 😛
  11. This is also one of my biggest fears… along with snakes.
  12. Scientists have managed to help a paralyzed man walk again by taking cells from his nose and implanting them into his severed spine!  This is truly amazing.
  13. A scientist describes what it’s like to carry a Nobel Prize through the TSA check point…

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