The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: October 19, 2014

BJJ Caveman Oktoberfest

This is a view from within one of the cavernous beer tents in Oktoberfest at Munich from my recent trip to Germany.  They had some of the best tasting rotisserie chicken and beer that I’ve had…  This was taken at around 10 am, and you can see that it’s pretty full.  As the day progresses and gets later and later these tents really pack up… but no one seems to mind because the beer is flowing!

  1. This episode of South Park has been making the rounds in the paleo-sphere, and I have to say I laughed out loud a couple times, especially when they go into the perils of gluten… and what it can make fly…
  2. Another article about Lebron’s diet to go with the many others out there, only this one has pictures of his food!  Here’s a followup article detailing the increase in popularity of ketogenic diets among athletes.
  3. The Wall Street Journal examines the two different types of decision makers, maximizers and satisficers.  I’m more satisficer and the BJJ Cavewife is more maximizer… which one are you?
  4. Ben Greenfield discusses what to look for in a mattress and pretty much scares the crap out of me because my mattress has none of those things, and I now feel like I’m sleeping in a death trap…
  5. Americans are spending less on food in order to spend more on technology… do we have it backwards?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend more on that grass fed steak instead of that shiney new iPhone?
  6. Robb Wolf interviewed Gary Wilson about porn… I thought this was going to be one of those podcasts that I just fast forwarded through, but I got hooked in.  If you want to find out how porn is similar to hyperpalatable food, have a listen.
  7. A friend of mine recently introduced me to The Piano Guys who have quickly become one of my favorite musical groups… so when I saw their take on the Batman theme I was a little beside myself… two of my favorite things mashed up!
  8. Metamoris 5 is soon approaching with a match up that made me so OMG for the first time like a teenager, Renzo Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba.  I remember watching the first couple of Pride’s and just being blown away with how effective Sakuraba aka the Gracie Hunter was.  November 22 cannot come soon enough!
  9. One of my favorite podcasts is This American Life, and some of their recent spinoffs have jsut been fantastic.  I’m particularly captivated by a new one called Serial
  10. A link the BJJ Cavedad sent me about one of his favorite gluten free pies…. American Pie.
  11. Mark Sisson wrote an entertaining tongue-in-cheek post this week.  I was on board with the majority of things he was saying… except for giving up Amazon Prime.  Sorry… I don’t care how un-paleo and un-primal Amazon prime is, free two day shipping is a modern day convenience you’ll have to pry from my cold dead hands!
  12. Lastly, while I applaud the innovation, this is a supplement I definitely won’t be adding to my regimen…

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  1. rooth says:

    Oh no – gluten-free pie? Say it isn’t so!

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